How does elpenor die?

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Elpenor is the youngest member of OdysseusOdysseusUlysses is one form of the Roman name for Odysseus, a hero in ancient Greek literature. › wiki › Ulysses And here’s the answer you’re looking for. A collection of related questions and answers you may need from time to time.

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  • First to approach is Elpenor, one…

    First to approach is Elpenor, one of Odysseus’ men who died just before the crew left Circe’s home. Elpenor had spent the last night in a drunken stupor on Circe’s roofs, breaking his neck as he fell off when he arose at dawn.
  • Elpenor had dies after a fall…

    Elpenor had dies after a fall from the roof of Circe’s palace, but he did not receive burial. Odysseus promised to fulfill Elpenor’s directions for a proper burial. Then Odysseus conversed with Tiresias, who explained that only the souls whom Odysseus allowed to drink of the blood could converse with him.
  • The next morning, waking upon hearing…

    The next morning, waking upon hearing his comrades making preparations to travel to Hades, he forgot he was on the roof and fell, breaking his neck, and died in the act. Odysseus and his men apparently noticed his absence, but they were too busy to look for him.
  • Finally, he asks to be given…

    Finally, he asks to be given an anonymous burial with an oar to mark his grave. This is because he wants to be remembered as a sailor, as opposed to a drunkard who died a strange and dishonorable death.

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  • Summary: Elpenor In Greek mythology, Elpenor (; Ancient Greek: Ἐλπήνωρ, gen.: Ἐλπήνορος), also spelled Elpinor , was the youngest comrade of Odysseus. While on the island of Circe, he became drunk and decided to spend the night on the roof. In the morning he slipped on the ladder, fell, and broke his neck, dying instantly. [1] Mythology[edit] Elpenor was not especially notable for his intelligence or strength, but he survived the Trojan…
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