Are jack manifold and niki dating?

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  • Twitch streamer/YouTuber Nikki “Nihachu” has been…

    Twitch streamer/YouTuber Nikki ?Nihachu? has been rumored to be dating British internet personality William “Wilbur Soot” Gold
  • Both of them had flirted with…

    Both of them had flirted with romance elsewhere in the series ? Jack with a friend of Simone, and Nikki with student Ollie. But thankfully for fans who had hoped they’d get together eventually, Jack and Nikki finally did hook up
  • The name ‘Team Rocket’ was adopted…

    The name ‘Team Rocket‘ was adopted by Niki for the duo but it seemed unlikely that they were even a duo anymore. Jack stopped sharing plans with Niki and no longer referring to the two of them within plans and saying that it was his own ideals – seemingly forgetting her input entirely.
  • She has two stepbrothers. Niki currently…

    She has two stepbrothers. Niki currently lives in Brighton, England, with her cat Zuko, and her roommate Rhianna who has a ferret named Pooh Bear and a cat named Toph.

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