At a sudden meaning?

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1a : happening or coming unexpectedly a sudden shower. b : changing angle or character all at once a sudden drop in the ocean bottom. 2 : marked by or manifesting abruptness or haste a sudden departure. 3 : made or brought about in a short time : prompt.
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  • What is the meaning of all on a sudden?

    Entirely without warning, abruptly, as in All of a sudden the lights went out. In Shakespeare’s day the common phrase was of a sudden, the word all being added in the late 1600s. Also see all at once, def.
  • How do you use sudden?

    1. News of his sudden and unexpected death came as a great shock.
    2. a sudden change in temperature.
    3. There were several sudden bursts of gunfire outside.
    4. It was only decided yesterday. It’s all been very sudden.
    5. Don’t make any sudden movements.
    6. His death was very sudden.
  • Which term means a sudden?

    abrupt, hasty, immediate, precipitous, quick, rapid, swift, unforeseen, unusual, accelerated, acute, expeditious, fast, flash, fleet, headlong, hurried, impetuous, impromptu, impulsive.
  • Is it sudden or sudden?

    All of a sudden is an idiom that is a more poetic way of saying ?suddenly.? A common mistake to make, especially for English learners, is to write all the sudden or all of the sudden. On a sudden is a historic but outmoded variant. Currently, all of a sudden is the only accepted usage.
  • How do you use all of a sudden in a sentence?

    very quickly: It seemed to happen all of a sudden – I felt dizzy and I just collapsed.
  • Is all of a sudden correct?

    The noun usage of sudden has all but been abandoned by history and the word has become bound to “all” in the idiom “all of a sudden,” meaning “suddenly, or sooner than expected.” There’s no grammatical reason why the correct phrase is “all of a sudden” vs “all of the sudden,” it’s just the recognized form of the idiom …
  • Which term means a sudden and widespread outbreak?

    Epidemic- sudden and widespread outbreak of a disease within a specific population group or area.
  • Which term means toward the side?

    lateral. means the direction toward, or nearer the side of the body , away from midline.
  • Is all of a sudden formal?

    While rarely written in professionally published writing, the phrase all of the sudden is common in casual speech and writing. There is no real or grammatical difference between the phrase with the article ?a? versus ?the,? but only the former is deemed correct in formal speech and writing.

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