Did lestat love akasha?

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  • Louis

  • As Lestat asks her if she…

    As Lestat asks her if she really did save him at his concert, Akasha asks him ?You thought it was all you? and then says ?The ego of a king as well?. Based on what Akasha has said, it seems like she loves Lestat because he reminds her of her deceased husband
  • Lestat, Louis and Claudia remain together…

    Lestat, Louis and Claudia remain together for 60 years until Claudia turns against him and attempts to murder him.
  • According to the source novel, Lestat…

    According to the source novel, Lestat was 20 years old when he was turned into a vampire in France in 1760. Depending on when the AMC series takes place, that would make Lestat around 282 years old, including his time as a human

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