Does cold hearted have a hyphen?

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Hyphenation of cold-hearted This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.
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Does cold hearted have a hyphen? – Frequently asked questions

  • How do you use cold-hearted in a sentence?

    1, I had no idea you could be so cold-hearted. 2, Does it mean that she is cold-hearted? 3, He couldn’t be all that ruthless and cold-hearted if he respected his elders, she mused, her spirits lifting. 4, Christopher Lambert stars as cold-hearted chess grandmaster Peter Sanderson who becomes a serial-killer suspect
  • Does Cold Blooded need a hyphen?

    ‘Cold-blooded’ is a compound adjective, made up of two adjectives linked with a hyphen because they modify the same noun ‘man’. Hence option A is correct.
  • What is called a cold-hearted person?

    A cold-hearted person does not feel any affection or sympathy towards other people. [disapproval] …a cold-hearted killer. Synonyms: heartless, harsh, detached, indifferent More Synonyms of cold-hearted.
  • What does be cold-hearted mean idiom?

    coldhearted Add to list Share. Someone who’s coldhearted is detached and unfeeling. It would be coldhearted to stand there, not caring, when you see a little kid fall and hurt herself.
  • How can a girl be cold-hearted?

    Be willing to hurt someone’s feelings.

    When you don’t smile, ask people questions, or express any positive emotions, people’s feelings are almost guaranteed to get hurt. That’s the price you’ll have to pay for being cold. Resist the urge to apologize or comfort people when you realize they’re offended or upset.

  • Does cold-blooded have a hyphen UK?

    You should only use the hyphen when it’s between two adjectives immediately preceding the noun they’re describing. Let’s look at examples, because I think that’s the easiest way for people to really understand what I mean. He was a cold-blooded snake. The snake was cold blooded.
  • Does warm-blooded have a hyphen?

    The hyphen after “warm” signals that “blooded” goes with it as well as with “cold.”
  • Is being cold-hearted a good thing?

    This relaxation response is particularly important because it can prevent chronic stress. It might sound harsh, but learning how to be what some might consider “cold-hearted” can be an important part of your self-care.
  • What makes a person so cold hearted?

    Cold-hearted people are often very unsympathetic about other people’s problems or pain. They tend to lack the basic empathy that makes up a lot of our humility as individuals. Because they’re quite stand-offish themselves, they find it almost impossible to imagine that not everyone is built that way.

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