Does seedy mean sleazy?

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Does seedy mean sleazy? – All you need to know

  • What does the phrase seedy mean?

    Definition of seedy 1 : containing or full of seeds a seedy fruit. 2 : inferior in condition or quality: such as. a : shabby, run-down seedy clothes. b : somewhat disreputable a seedy district a seedy lawyer. c : slightly unwell : debilitated felt seedy and went home early.
  • What do the word sleazy mean?

    Definition of sleazy 1a : lacking firmness of texture : flimsy. b : carelessly made of inferior materials : shoddy. 2a : marked by low character or quality sleazy tabloids. b : squalid, dilapidated sleazy bars.
  • What is the synonym of seedy?

    adjective. 1'he began hanging out at a seedy bar' sordid, disreputable, seamy, sleazy, corrupt, shameful, low, dark, squalid, unwholesome, unsavoury, rough, mean, nasty, unpleasant.
  • What is sleazy Behaviour?

    noun informal. sleaziness. dishonest, disreputable, or immoral behaviour, especially of public officials or employeespolitical sleaze.
  • Where did the slang word seedy come from?

    It's a mystery how the word seedy came to mean darkly rundown, slummy, and seamy, but it probably came from the appearance of flowers after they've shed their seeds. That's when they start to lose their color and eventually die.
  • What does seedy mean in Australia?

    frowzy, besmeared, festy (Australian, slang) in the sense of ill. Definition.
  • What does sleazy mean when referring to a girl?

    The definition of sleazy is shabby, a low morals person or a flimsy texture. An example of a sleazy person is someone who is constantly drunk and hitting on women.
  • Where does the word sleazy come from?

    sleazy (adj.)

    1640s, "downy, fuzzy," later "flimsy, unsubstantial" (1660s), of unknown origin; one theory is that it is a corruption of Silesia, the German region, where thin linen or cotton fabric was made for export.

  • Where does the term seedy underbelly come from?

    c. 1600, from under + belly (n.). In figurative sense of "most vulnerable part" it is recorded from Churchill's 1942 speech. Sometimes used erroneously or euphemistically in sense of "seamy or sordid part" of anything.
  • How do you use sleazy in a sentence?

    How to use Sleazy in a sentence. He sounded noble, not at all sleazy like the other night. There you go again, sleazy to romantic in a heartbeat. Use your judgment, but stay away from the sleazy lines!
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  • What is a sleazy club?

    Noun. A bar or similar establishment, typically one that is shabby or sleazy. dive. bar. pub.
  • Is Sleazy a bad word?

    Sleazy originally meant flimsy, but nowadays it's only used to describe morally degraded people or places. Usually it refers to sexual behavior, but it is often associated with people trying to swindle others as well. It's not as bad as perverse or criminal, which suggest that a line has been crossed.
  • Is Soho still sleazy?

    Soho has been gentrified beyond all recognition compared to a decade or so ago, but it is still without a doubt the top choice of place to go for anyone seeking a bit of sleaze.
  • What does steezy mean in slang?

    Steezy definition

    Filters. (slang) Easily stylish; (marked by) exhibiting style with ease. adjective.

  • Is Soho seedy?

    Seedy, sexy and storied, Soho's once-grungy streets are now home to upmarket galleries, exclusive clubs and some of the city's best restaurants.
  • Is Soho dodgy?

    Residents in Soho are relatively safe, with a dropping crime rate and access to some of the busiest, well-lit, and watched areas of Central London. Theft is one of the most common crimes reported in Soho, which is why many residents are taking measures to prevent theft and keep these crime rates down.

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What does seedy mean? –

  • Summary: What does seedy mean? Princeton’s WordNet(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:seedyadjectivefull of seeds”as seedy as a fig”scruffy, seedyadjectiveshabby and untidy”a surge of ragged scruffy children”; “he was soiled and seedy and fragrant with gin”- Mark Twainailing, indisposed, peaked(p), poorly(p), sickly, unwell, under the weather, seedyadjectivesomewhat ill or prone to illness”my poor ailing grandmother”; “feeling a bit indisposed today”; “you look a little peaked”; “feeling poorly”; “a…
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Seedy vs Sleazy – What's the difference? – WikiDiff |

  • Summary: Seedy vs Sleazy – What’s the difference? seedy | sleazy | As adjectives the difference between seedy and sleazy is that seedy is disreputable, run-down, sleazy while sleazy is marked by low quality; inferior; inadequate. seedy English Adjective (er) disreputable, run-down, sleazy. The healing power of alcohol only works on scrapes and nicks; and not on girls in seedy bars who drown themselves in it….
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Seedy Definition & Meaning |

  • Summary: Definition of seedy | Dictionary.comTop Definitions Quiz Related Content Examples British This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity.This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity.adjective, seed·i·er, seed·i·est.abounding in seed. containing many seeds, as a piece of fruit.poorly kept; run-down; shabby.shabbily dressed; unkempt: a seedy old tramp.physically run-down; under the weather: He felt a bit seedy after his operation.somewhat disreputable; degraded: a seedy hotel.QUIZTHIS QUIZ ON BLUE OPPOSITES…
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Synonyms of seedy – Infoplease

  • Summary: Seedy Adjective1. seedy (vs. seedless), black-seeded, multi-seeded, several-seeded, seeded, seeded, single-seeded, one-seeded, one-seed, small-seeded, three-seeded, white-seededusage: full of seeds; “as seedy as a fig”2. scruffy, seedy, worn (vs. new)usage: shabby and untidy; “a surge of ragged scruffy children”; “he was soiled…
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SEEDY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

  • Summary: seedy Sorry, anyone who was thinking of buying a ridiculously cheap place in its ever declining catalog of seedy side streets — those days are essentially over. By that time, the area’s glory days were largely behind it; things were turning decidedly seedy. Cut the tomatoes in half and place them on an oven tray with the seedy…
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Origins of "Seedy" – English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

  • Summary: Origins of “Seedy” “He was soiled and seedy and fragrant with gin.”- Mark Twain I had hoped to uncover something more… such a rich word. First Known Use of SEEDY 1574 It’s a mystery how the word seedy came to mean darkly rundown, slummy, and seamy, but it probably came from…
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seedy – Wiktionary

  • Summary: seedy – Wiktionary English[edit] Etymology[edit] From Middle English sedy, equivalent to seed +‎ -y. Pronunciation[edit] IPA(key): /ˈsiːdi/ Rhymes: -iːdi Homophone: cedi Adjective[edit] seedy (comparative seedier, superlative seediest) Full of seeds. Pomegranates are as seedy as any fruit you are likely to see. (figuratively) Disreputable, run-down. Synonym:…
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Best 54 synonyms for seedy – Thesaurus

  • Summary: Seedy synonyms | Best 54 synonyms for seedy Seedy synonyms and antonyms sē’dē Category: most common Unique synonym antonym idiom related Showing impairment of energy or strength; enfeebled. Weakened or worn out from age or wear Showing signs of wear and tear; threadbare or worn-out: The definition of slovenly is someone or…
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