Does snyder cut have post credits?

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The four-hour Snyder Cut of the DC superhero movie, now available to buy digitally, doesn’t have any post-credits scenes, but it leaves you with plenty to chew on. Answer the questions you are looking for here. Top of the most correct and useful answers are shared for free.

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  • It’s been a smart move to…

    It’s been a smart move to keep away from one of the hallmarks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with Justice League, they just couldn’t resist. They make up for lost time, too, as Justice League has not one, but two post-credits scenes.
  • Snyder Cut doesn’t have an actual…

    Snyder Cut doesn’t have an actual post-credits scene. Instead, it has an epilogue that’s about 30 minutes long that gives us a look at what happens following the events of the film

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  • Summary: That Snyder Cut Epilogue, Explained If you stop watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League at roughly three hours and 40 minutes, the movie will simply end, and on an upbeat note to boot. But the next 20 minutes after that marker hit very differently than you might expect. The Snyder Cut does not have a post-credits scene, but it does have three scenes that comprise the…
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  • Summary: There’s no Zack Snyder’s Justice League post-credits scene – but here’s what the director originally planned Home Movies Superhero (Image credit: Warner Bros.) Zack Snyder’s Justice League has arrived and there is – shock, horror – no post-credit scene. The director revealed before the movie arrived on HBO Max that there would be no Snyder Cut post-credits scenes, but that did not stop…
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Forget the Snyder Cut and just watch this post-credits scene

  • Summary: Forget the Snyder Cut and just watch this post-credits scene – it’s amazing Zack Snyder’s Justice League is out on HBO Max right now in all markets where HBO is available. If you have four hours to spare, the Snyder Cut is much better than the original, and it should be canon in the DCEU; it is for me, at least. This is the kind of story that Warner Bros….
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  • Summary: Does Zack Snyder’s Justice League Have a Post-Credits Scene? It’s finally here. After years of fan demand and campaigning, Zack Snyder’s Justice League debuted Thursday on HBO Max, giving fans the so-called “Snyder Cut” and restoring filmmaker Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League. The eagerly-anticipated film is a six-chapter, four-hour experience very different from what most comic book movie fans would expect, but it is still comic book entertainment,…
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Colbert reimagines Zack Snyder's Justice League post-credit …

  • Summary: Zack Snyder’s Justice League didn’t have a post-credits scene, so Colbert made one Zack Snyder’s Justice League ends with a solid 30 minutes devoted to the future of a franchise that isn’t going to happen. The post-credits scene from the 2017 version — in which Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) enlists Deathstroke (played by Joe Manganiello) for his Legion of Doom — is now part of the runtime. Then viewers get a new Knightmare sequence…
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  • Summary: Why Snyder Cut Superman & The Flash’s Justice League Post-Credits Scene A big moment from Joss Whedon’s Justice League was The Flash and Superman’s post-credits scene, but why is it not in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? 2017’s Justice League had a post-credits scene featuring The Flash and Superman, but it isn’t in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. To say that the Snyder Cut and the 2017 version of the Justice League are different…
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