Does tuberose smell like roses?

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Tuberose is said to be the most fragrant plant in the plant world. And for good reason because its opulent scent continues to exhale even 48 hours after picking. And this smell is like that of other white flowers such as orange blossom or ylang-ylang, with a creamier and even “deeper” aspect This page should provide the answers to your queries. Top-ranked, most helpful solutions are provided without charge.

Does tuberose smell like roses? – Frequently asked questions

  • Olfactive description of tuberose White flower…

    Olfactive description of tuberose White flower scent like jasmine, orange blossom, neroli, frangipani, gardenia, magnolia, lily. White flowers are feminine absolutes. Tuberose has a medicinal and camphoraceous facet. It also has green and earthy accents.
  • The plant itself is surprising: Despite…

    The plant itself is surprising: Despite its name, a tuberose is not a rose. It is, in fact, a member of the agave family, which gives us tequila
  • Part of the White Floral olfactive…

    Part of the White Floral olfactive family, tuberose is similar to jasmine, but it feels rounder, more opaque and ?lower-pitched?
  • Tuberose Absolute is an exquisite, highly…

    Tuberose Absolute is an exquisite, highly fragrant floral oil that is most often used for perfumery and natural fragrancing work. It blends beautifully with other floral absolutes and essential oils, and it also blends well with essential oils within the wood, citrus, spice, resinous and earthy essential oils.

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  • Summary: The tuberose, narcotic charmer | Carrément Belle Tuberose is a bewitching white flower that perfumers have learned to tame over the years and interpretations. Behind its apparent innocence lies a true sensuality. This long-unloved ingredient may have been frightening because of its strong fragrance. But its multiple facets have managed to charm noses in search of originality and subtlety. Discover all the mysteries…
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what does tuberose smell like? – Basenotes

  • Summary: what does tuberose smell like? It’s floral (read that as “sweet, but not vanilla sort of sweet”). It’s heady (read that as “a few stems will cause 6 blocks worth of farmer’s market to smell of tuberose”). It’s white, which means the real flower is white. White florals don’t all smell the same, narcissus is on the sharp and green side, and tuberose is on the sweet side. Of the white florals that are…
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  • Summary: Tuberose – The Perfume Society Voluptuous, so voluptuous.  Intoxicating, so intoxicating.  And expensive, so expensive!  It takes over 3600 kilos of flowers to produce just half a kilo of tuberose oil, with its sweet, exotic, complex, velvety floral opulence.  Happily, it’s so concentrated that only a small amount need be used (although several very sophisticated scents do ramp up the tuberose, as a ‘star’ ingredient). But in truth, the tuberose used in perfumery nowadays is often…
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  • Summary: The Most Unexpectedly Sexy Fragrance Note for Fall? Tuberose“I love this flower because it’s deceptive,” says master perfumer Sophie Labbé of the tuberose. “You think she’s innocent, but she’s not. She’s dangerous.” Tuberose flowers, which sprout in white, star-like clusters along dramatically long green shoots, emit one of the most alluring, and subversive, aromas used in perfumery. This floral femme fatale’s…
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Tuberose in perfumes

  • Summary: Tuberose in perfumes What is tuberose?Tuberose (tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa) is a white flower that blooms at night. Although the name may suggest otherwise, it is not a family of the rose. The flower originates from India and Mexico and was imported from India to Europe in the 17th century. From that time on, tuberose has been cultivated in Grasse for perfumery. The flower was very popular at the French court with Sun King (Louis XIV)….
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