Has awakened or has awoken?

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The Grammatical History of 'Awaken' / 'Awoken' / 'Awakened'

  • Summary: Awaken vs. Awoken vs. Awakened: Correct Usage The verbs awake and awaken both mean “to rise from sleep.” The most common inflections of awake are the past tense awoke (‘she awoke suddenly’) and the past participle awoken (‘she was awoken suddenly’). The most common inflections of awaken are past tense awakened (‘he awakened in the night’) and the past participle awakened (‘he…
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  • Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/usage-awaken-awoken-awakened

Awoken or Awakened? – Daily Writing Tips

  • Summary: Awoken or Awakened? Carson Buckingham requests a post on “awake in all its bizarre forms—-awokened???????” The past tense of the verb awake gives lots of people fits. Should it be “awoken” or “awakened”? The same confusion attaches to the verbs awaken, wake, and waken. In modern usage, all of these verbs may be used intransitively or transitively: awake intransitive: to come out of the state of sleep; to cease to sleep transitive: to arouse (someone) from sleep. awaken…
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When to use awoke/awakened/awoken?

  • Summary: When to use awoke/awakened/awoken? I am confused by what seems to me to be the more frequent use of the word awoken. During my reading, I have usually come across “He awoke” or “He was awakened”. Now I am reading “He was awoken” and “He waked”. (I would say “He was awakened” or “He woke/awoke to the sound of….”) Would somebody please help me in my total confusion? Is there a verb here…
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  • Source: https://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/232678/when-to-use-awoke-awakened-awoken

word choice – “Awoken” vs. “awaked” – English Stack Exchange

  • Summary: “Awoken” vs. “awaked” A Tale of Two Verbs Strong awake/awoke vs. weak awaken/awakened The answer is fairly complicated at the detail level, but the short story is that there were two different verbs, one strong (call this the alpha version: awake, awoke, and sometimes awoken) and the other weak (call this the beta version: awaken, awakened). Both are formed from the original verb, wake. So people got to thinking that…
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  • Source: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/91114/awoken-vs-awaked

Has awoken or has awakened? – Fleetserviceshocrv

  • Summary: Answer The Question Categories Driving Guide News Review Tips For Cars Recent Posts Signs Of Bad Spark Plugs Remove Bugs From Your Car With Dryer Sheets How Much Gas Does AC Use? How Does Car AC Work? How Do Gasoline Cars Work? Answer The Question Answer the Question was founded in 2021 by three friends who shared a common interest in cars and car reviews. Over the years, the site has grown to become one of the most…
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I was awakened / awoken – WordReference Forums

  • Summary: I was awakened / awoken #1 Which of these is correct? I was awakened by a knock at the door. I was awoken by a knock at the door. #2 I think both are normal and acceptable. I’d prefer the first, but that’s just personal taste. #3 These are from two different words that can pretty much be used interchangeably. Awakened is the…
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  • Source: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/i-was-awakened-awoken.159010/

Conjugación de awaken – Verbo inglés – Diccionario PONS

  • Summary: Conjugación de awaken – Verbo inglés • Continuous tenses • Conditional • Imperative • ImpersonalPresentIawakenyouawakenhe/she/itawakensweawakenyouawakentheyawakenPastIawakenedyouawakenedhe/she/itawakenedweawakenedyouawakenedtheyawakenedPresent PerfectIhaveawakenedyouhaveawakenedhe/she/ithasawakenedwehaveawakenedyouhaveawakenedtheyhaveawakenedPast PerfectIhadawakenedyouhadawakenedhe/she/ithadawakenedwehadawakenedyouhadawakenedtheyhadawakenedWill-FutureIwillawakenyouwillawakenhe/she/itwillawakenwewillawakenyouwillawakentheywillawakenGoing to-FutureIamgoing toawakenyouaregoing toawakenhe/she/itisgoing toawakenwearegoing toawakenyouaregoing toawakentheyaregoing toawakenFuture PerfectIwill haveawakenedyouwill haveawakenedhe/she/itwill haveawakenedwewill haveawakenedyouwill haveawakenedtheywill haveawakened¿Has detectado un error? Háznoslo saber, agradecemos tu comentario. ¡Haz clic aquí!Simple tenses •  • Conditional • Imperative • ImpersonalPresentIamawakeningyouareawakeninghe/she/itisawakeningweareawakeningyouareawakeningtheyareawakeningPastIwasawakeningyouwereawakeninghe/she/itwasawakeningwewereawakeningyouwereawakeningtheywereawakeningPresent PerfectIhave beenawakeningyouhave beenawakeninghe/she/ithas beenawakeningwehave beenawakeningyouhave beenawakeningtheyhave beenawakeningPast PerfectIhad beenawakeningyouhad beenawakeninghe/she/ithad beenawakeningwehad beenawakeningyouhad beenawakeningtheyhad beenawakeningWill-FutureIwill beawakeningyouwill beawakeninghe/she/itwill beawakeningwewill beawakeningyouwill beawakeningtheywill beawakeningGoing to-FutureIamgoing to beawakeningyouaregoing to beawakeninghe/she/itisgoing to beawakeningwearegoing to beawakeningyouaregoing to beawakeningtheyaregoing to beawakeningFuture PerfectIwill have beenawakeningyouwill have beenawakeninghe/she/itwill have beenawakeningwewill have…
  • Author: es.pons.com
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  • Source: https://es.pons.com/tablas-de-conjugaci%C3%B3n/ingl%C3%A9s/awaken

Awaken | Conjuga awaken en inglés

  • Summary: ¡Mira la conjugación de “awaken” en inglés.com!Aprender inglésTraductorVocabularioPronunciacióndespertardespertarseDiccionarioVerbosEjemplosPronunciaciónSinónimosVerbos en inglésHoja de repasoPREMIUMParticipioPresente:awakeningPasado:awakenedIndicativoPresentePasadoFuturoIawakenawakenedwill awakenyouawakenawakenedwill awakenhe/sheawakensawakenedwill awakenweawakenawakenedwill awakenyouawakenawakenedwill awakentheyawakenawakenedwill awaken¿Quieres practicar las conjugaciones?Pasado simple0/7 leccionesEl verbo “to be” en presente0/9 leccionesPresente progresivo0/12 leccionesVer todas las leccionesPerfectoPresentePasadoFuturoIhave awakenedhad awakenedwill have awakenedyouhave awakenedhad awakenedwill have awakenedhe/shehas awakenedhad awakenedwill have awakenedwehave awakenedhad awakenedwill have awakenedyouhave awakenedhad awakenedwill have awakenedtheyhave awakenedhad awakenedwill have awakenedImperativoAfirmativoNegativoI–youawakendon’t awakenhe/she–welet’s awakenlet’s not awakenyouawakendon’t awakenthey–ProgresivoPresentePasadoFuturoIam awakeningwas awakeningwill be awakeningyouare awakeningwere awakeningwill be awakeninghe/sheis…
  • Author: ingles.com
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  • Source: https://www.ingles.com/verbos/awaken
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