How could encomiendas be obtained?

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Spaniards most often obtained encomiendas by conquering territory in the name of the Spanish Crown and many encomendias were granted to Spanish conquistadors. However, sometimes the means by which an encomendia was secured was through connections in the Spanish government or royalty as was the case in New Spain. You can get the answers you need here. The best, most helpful solutions are offered without charge.

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  • What caused encomienda system?

    encomienda, in Spain’s American and Philippine colonies, legal system by which the Spanish crown attempted to define the status of the indigenous population. It was based upon the practice of exacting tribute from Muslims and Jews during the Reconquista (?Reconquest?) of Muslim Spain
  • The Spanish Crown provides a grant…

    The Spanish Crown provides a grant (encomienda) to a Spanish colonizer (encomendero) stipulating access to Natives, who are expected to provide labor and tributes to the encomenderos. Encomenderos are also mandated through these grants to convert Natives to Christianity and endorse Spanish as their primary language.
  • The encomienda system is a labor…

    The encomienda system is a labor system established by the Spanish Crown in the 1500s. This new system rewarded Spanish explorers, conquistadors, and military men with land in the New World. But they didn’t just get the land, they got the labor of the people living on the land as well
  • 3 type of Encomienda exist: The…

    3 type of Encomienda exist: The Royal Encomiendas, belonging to the King, the Ecclesiastical Encomiendas, belonging to the Church, Privado belonging to private individuals.

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How could Spaniards obtain encomiendas? by serving the …

  • Summary: How could Spaniards obtain encomiendas? by serving the Spanish crown by buying them from other – answered • expert verified jmatayah7045 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points. Spaniards obtain encomienda by serving the Spanish crown. The Spanish labor system was called encomienda. It compensated conquerors with the labor of particular groups of subject people. Although it was…
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