How do you use preoccupation in a sentence?

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How to use Preoccupation in a sentence. This preoccupation with him was becoming an obsession that was beginning to affect her ability to take care of the house. Weakness in artillery was Cadorna’s main preoccupation for many days. You can get the answers you need here. The best, most helpful solutions are offered without charge.

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  • Maybe that was what he had…

    Maybe that was what he had been so preoccupied with lately. Alex continued to be preoccupied with his problem – whatever it was. I know you’ve been preoccupied, but everyone else has noticed his interest in you. Kutuzov seemed preoccupied and did not listen to what the general was saying.
  • : an act of preoccupying :…

    : an act of preoccupying : the state of being preoccupied. : extreme or excessive concern with something. : something that preoccupies one.
  • “She was guaranteed entry into the…

    “She was guaranteed entry into the honors society.” “The police forced entry into the room.” “The locked door prevented entry into the building.” “She submitted her entry for the art competition.”
  • Toured sentence example. He toured the…

    Toured sentence example. He toured the progress of the camp before going to the exercise area. We toured some of the salubrious urban areas. Betsy toured the country, staying in plush hotels and dining in fine restaurants, all paid for by a boss who thought she was God’s eldest daughter.

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  • Summary: Use preoccupations in a sentence Synonyms Sentences Hunting, tennis, jewelry and his gallantry were the chief preoccupations of his life. In its various forms, this policy gave rise to the chief internal preoccupations of the Government during the years 1909-12. To escape from these preoccupations and prejudices except upon the path of conscious and deliberate sin was impossible for all but minds of rarest…
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Preoccupation in a sentence

  • Summary: Preoccupation in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb…) 1 Their chief preoccupation was how to feed their families.2 She found his preoccupation with money irritating.3 In his preoccupation with Robyn, Crook had neglected everything.4 The management’s preoccupation with costs and profits resulted in a drop in quality and customer service.5 Their main preoccupation was how to feed their families.6 She spoke slowly, in a state of preoccupation.7 His current preoccupation is the appointment of…
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Examples of preoccupation – Cambridge Dictionary

  • Summary: preoccupation in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. The preoccupations of this administrative elite prove remarkably similar to the topics of deliberative oratory : the competing claims of prudence, honour, and necessity. As such, a review of…
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Preoccupation: In a Sentence

  • Summary: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE Preoccupation in a Sentence  🔊 Definition of Preoccupation distraction Examples of Preoccupation in a sentence After many nights away from home, the workaholic’s preoccupation with his career began to take a toll on his marriage.  🔊 The student’s preoccupation with doodling stopped him from hearing an important part of the lesson.  🔊 Her preoccupation with losing weight annoyed family members who thought obsessing over a number was…
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Preoccupation Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

  • Summary: Definition of PREOCCUPATION Examples of preoccupation in a Sentence We need to better understand the problems and preoccupations of our clients. the future entomologist’s preoccupation with insects from a very early age Recent Examples on the Web This nationalist preoccupation echoes Mussolini’s warnings. — Ruth Ben-ghiat, The Atlantic, 23 Sep. 2022 These wild stories are a variation on an already widespread right-wing preoccupation. — Melissa Gira Grant, The New…
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preoccupation in a sentence – Ichacha

  • Summary: preoccupation in a sentence – preoccupation sentence SentencesMobileExploring the minutiae of parental preoccupations, they are meticulously evenhanded.Beefing up security, it seems, is a universal preoccupation.He turned off some voters with his preoccupation over raising money.Currency fluctuations remain a preoccupation for PSA and other car makers.Our obsessive preoccupation with race continues to add to the divide.This preoccupation has tended to make progress on other issues difficult.So, too, the pundits’preoccupation with political strategy.New managers hint at a prior preoccupation with self-protection.Yet…
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  • Summary: Use “preoccupation” in a sentence | “preoccupation” sentence examples (1) his preoccupation with politics (2) saves one from a morbid preoccupation (3) about appearance and preoccupation with it (4) Fitting in is a round-the-clock preoccupation. (5) She spoke slowly, in a state of preoccupation. (6) Cadorna’s main preoccupation was now for the IV. (7) She found his preoccupation with money irritating. (8) By now this had become a major preoccupation for…
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