How do you use standby in a sentence?

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ready for emergency use.

  1. He sat through the trial as a standby juror.
  2. A special team of police were kept on standby .
  3. Keep some candles as a standby in case the power fails.
  4. Board games are a good standby to keep the children amused if the weather is bad.
  5. Magda was going to fly standby.
  6. We can put you on standby .

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How do you use standby in a sentence? – All you need to know

  • Will be on standby in a sentence?

    If someone or something is on standby, they are ready to be used if they are needed. Five ambulances are on standby at the port.
  • What does it mean when someone says standby?

    1a : one to be relied on especially in emergencies. b : a favorite or reliable choice or resource. 2 : one that is held in reserve ready for use : substitute. on standby. : ready or available for immediate action or use.
  • How do you use stand by me in a sentence?

    Stand by me in putting down the heretics and I will stand by thee in putting down the Persians.
  • Is it stand by or standby?

    When using the word as an adjective, adverb, or noun in your writing, use “standby” as one word. If you’re describing the Standby mode in a computer, it should always begin with a capital “S.” If you’re using the word as a verb, use “stand by.”
  • What is another word for standby?

    In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for standby, like: reserve, supplemental, backup, stand by, emergency, secondary, auxiliary, increase, understudy, timer and supplementary.
  • What does it mean to be on standby at work?

    Standby or Controlled Standby are legal terms used to describe situations in which an employee is doing nothing other than waiting for their employer to call them to work, if need be.
  • Where I stand with you meaning?

    If you know where you stand, you know exactly where you fit in a social or work situation, or in someone’s life.
  • Is standby a duty?

    Standby duty means the formal assignment by the appointing authority or a designated management representative to an employee of the responsibility to respond to emergencies during the employee’s non-working hours.
  • Does standby mean on-call?

    On-Call (Standby) status is a designated shift within any 24 consecutive hours. Such shifts may vary in beginning and ending times from department to department, and are subject to change by administrative decision as dictated by workload needs. On-Call shift hours usually coincide with regular shift hours.
  • What is standby employee?

    An employee is entitled to a standby allowance when he is requested by written instruction by the Director or his Supervisor to be available for the performance of duty outside his normal working hours.
  • What does it mean to be put on standby for work?

    Under California law, employers must pay employees their full hourly rate for all time that they are asked to be on standby to work, even if they do not actually need to work. If the employee is required to wait and be on-call for work at the physical place of employment, they are entitled to receive standby pay.
  • Is standby and on-call the same?

    You receive your regular straight time wages for the whole time that you are on stand-by status. If you are ?on-call? outside of your regular working time, it means you must be available to work, but unless you have to work, you are not subject to any restrictions on the use of your time.

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