How to lockout suntour forks?

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How to lockout suntour forks? – Frequently asked questions

  • How do I lock my suspension fork?

    Stuck Lockout on Suntour Fork pop the lockout lever off of the fork (slide a flat blade screwdriver underneath and pry upwards) remove the spindle underneath the cap. It will pull right out. If you have some needle-nose pliers, it will be easier, but you can use a screwdriver to the side.14 feb
  • How do you remove a Suntour lockout?

    A Lockout is a small switch placed atop the front right stanchion of your MTB/Hybrid Bicycle’s suspension which when engaged decreases the low speed compression rate of the front fork, adjustable to the point of being fully rigid. This switch can also be routed to the handle bar which is called as a remote lockout.14 apr
  • How does suspension lockout work?

    Usually the only times you would lock out your rear shock (or front fork) would be when on a long non-technical climb, or other long distance ride. Mountain bike suspension often features multiple modes, to better set up the bike to climb or descend, and one of these common features is the lock out.
  • How do you adjust a fork on a suntour?

    As others have said, you should lock it out when you want to put more power to the wheel. i.e. a flat road, moderately smooth trail. Being robbed of energy isn’t as bad on a hard tail, but on a full sussy it is noticeable in various situations. I always lock out when climbing, especially if you stand while climbing.
  • When should I lock my front fork?

    Coil springs 120mm travel the Suntour XCM-LO 27.5 is an ideal suspension fork for the rider looking to upgrade their ride. Featuring manual lockout technology allows the rider to stiffen the suspension when riding on firmer ground making it flexible for multiple trails and more efficient too.
  • When should I lock my forks?

    If yours isn’t like that, then yes you can remove it completely without issue. Most forks with remote lockout also have a manually switchable top cap or damper assembly available that can replace the remote lockout top cap. That is easy for a shop that deals with any kind of suspension work to source and install.
  • Does Suntour XCM have lockout?

    The best time to lock out the suspension on your mountain bike is when you are doing a long non-technical trail climb or riding a long distance on a flat surface. Lockouts are typically used at specific times to help prevent wasting pedaling energy in the form of bobbing of the suspension.
  • Can you remove remote lockout to a fork?

    You definitely don’t need a lock-out on your fork. On steep smooth climbs where you’re out of the saddle a lock-out is nice – as it prevents the front end from bouncing up and down. However it’s not necessary, and unless you spend a lot of time out of the saddle it isn’t important at all.
  • When should I lock my suspension?

  • Part of a video titled Adjusting Your Front Suspension Fork | Rad Tech – YouTube

    Registered. XCR is really similar to the XCM but is a lighter build, which, given the coil, functionally makes them very close. The XCT is almost a hybrid fork. The build is much less dialed, and it isn’t really meant for riding where the front wheel spends much time off the ground.
  • Does Suntour XCM have lockout?

    4.0 out of 5 stars Budget fork offering good quality, just don’t expect Rox Shocks and you’ll be satisfied. Great product at a budget price. I wasn’t expecting a top end fork at this price however I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and ride that this fork has.
  • What is the difference between Suntour XCM and Xcr?

    It’s important to point out that preload doesn’t affect spring stiffness. You can compensate for a too-soft or too-stiff spring by using preload, but you’re better off changing the spring itself.
  • Is Suntour XCM a good fork?

    Preload is independent of spring free length. An 18? long, 100 lb/in spring with 1? of preload will give you the same ride height as a 10? long, 100 lb/in spring with 1? of preload. In both cases you’ve applied 100 lb of force before the vehicle weight collapses the spring.
  • Does increasing preload increase ride height?

    Too much preload (Front)

    Feels harsh. Overwhelms damping. Bounces back after hitting bumps. Weight is shifted to the back wheel causing sluggish turn-in.

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