Is it legal to own a ring tailed lemur?

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In some states in the US, including North Carolina, it’s perfectly legal to own an animal as endangered and exotic as a lemur. In fact, there are an estimated 15,000 pet primates in the United States,[1] and purchasing one is relatively easy: a couple thousand dollars and a trip to an online pet store is all it takes.
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Is it legal to own a ring tailed lemur? – All you need to know

  • Can you have a pet ring tailed lemur?

    Lemurs are wild animals and they retain their wild instincts. They are not domesticated and they make highly inappropriate pets.
  • How much do ring tailed lemurs cost?

    between $2,500 and $10,000
  • What states can you own a lemur?

    Keeping lemurs is allowed in certain states of the USA: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri (illegal in St. Louis), Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin (no guarantee).
  • Why are lemurs illegal?

    Purchasing lemurs promotes illegal trafficking of wild animals. Private owners may breed pet lemurs to sell for financial gain, but the continued demand for pet primates fuels illegal capture and trade of these animals from the wild. This threatens wild populations and the survival of entire species.
  • Do pet lemurs stink?

    Lemurs are stinky

    If you’re not turned off by the price tag, you should know this: lemurs stink. Most species of lemur communicate through scent marking. Ring-tailed lemurs are one of the more sought-after species for ownership.

  • Are lemurs poisonous?

    Lemurs are not toxic.

    The only primate known to be poisonous is the slow loris, which secrets a toxin from its arm and licks it to make its bite toxic.

  • How much is a tiger?

    Purchasing a Tiger

    According to Big Cat Rescue, a tiger cub is at the top of the price range for exotic cats, at around $7,500.

  • Can a lemur hurt you?

    Lemurs can injure people.

    Although lemurs look cute and cuddly, they can (and will) bite and scratch, and can cause serious harm and injury to their human caretakers.

  • Do lemurs smell bad?

    The odor is ?quite pungent and musky,? said Rachel Harris, who conducted the research as a postdoctoral associate in evolutionary anthropology at Duke.
  • What animal has 2 tongues?

    Lemurs have a second tongue?called the ?sublingua??that is used to remove debris from the tooth comb. The sublingua is smaller than the primary tongue, sits below it and lacks taste buds.
  • What animal has the sharpest tongue?

    The tiger’s tongue is covered with numerous small, sharp, rear-facing projections called papillae. These papillae give the tongue its rough, rasping texture and is designed to help strip the skin, feathers, fur and meat right off its prey.
  • What animal has longest tongue?

    The giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) of Latin America can extend its tongue at least 45 centimetres (1 foot 5 inches) outside its mouth, and there are reports of it reaching as long as 61 centimetres (2 feet).

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