Is sea cliff bridge open?

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The Sea Cliff Bridge, together with the adjoining Lawrence Hargrave Drive Bridge, are two road bridges that carry the scenic Lawrence Hargrave Drive across the rockface on the Illawarra escarpment, located in the northern Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia.
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Is sea cliff bridge open? – Most popular questions

  • How do I get to the view of the Sea Cliff Bridge?

    The start of the track up to view sea cliff bridge starts on the south side of the bridge. Find parking on the Clifton side and walk towards the bridge. Heading north on the bridge on the left side of the road you will see a white sign with black writing with “Sea Cliff bridge” written in it.
  • How high is the Sea Cliff Bridge?

    140 kilometre
  • How long is Grand Pacific Drive?

    Stanwell Tops, Bald Hill Lookout

    It’s located between Otford and Stanwell Park, on Otford road and North of the Bridge itself. The views are just amazing here of the coastline and the beachside town of Stanwell Park.

  • Where can I take pictures of the Sea Cliff Bridge?

    Sea Cliff Bridge Walk

    The Sea Cliff Bridge walking distance is about 15 minutes each way giving you lots of time to make a few stops along the walk. Make sure you take a good look over the edge at the waves crashing against the rock below, turning to sea foam and spilling over the rocks.

  • Where do you park for Sea Cliff Bridge?

    The Grand Pacific Drive officially starts about 30km north of Sydney’s CBD at the entry to the Royal National Park and continues along the coast to Kiama and beyond.

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Sea Cliff Bridge – Stanwell Park |

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge Skip to main content alert-circle all-articles-colour all-articles-white arrow-down-1 Scroll down arrow-left-1 arrow-left Go to link arrow-right-1 arrow-right-1 arrow-up-1 arrow-up-1 article-accommodation-colour article-accommodation-white article-accommodation article-adventure-colour article-adventure-white article-adventure article-art-culture-colour article-art-culture-white article-arts-culture article-artsculture article-beaches-colour article-beaches-white article-beaches article-family-colour article-family-white article-family article-food-drink-colour article-food-drink-white article-food-drink article-fooddrink article-health-colour article-health-white article-health article-lifestyle-colour article-lifestyle-white article-lifestyle article-luxury-colour article-luxury-white article-luxury article-nature-colour article-nature-white article-nature article-sustainability-colour article-sustainability-white article-sustainability author-circle bbq credit-card-1…
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Sea Cliff Bridge reopens in both directions after police operation

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge reopens in both directions after police operationUpdated July 14 2021 – 8:38am, first published 3:38amUpdated July 14 2021 – 8:38am, first published 3:38amSea Cliff Bridge reopens to trafficLawrence Hargrave Drive has reopened on the Sea Cliff Bridge after a police operation.The bridge was closed in both directions for much of the afternoon.Diversions have been lifted, and traffic conditions have returned to…
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Sea Cliff Bridge – Wikipedia

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge Sea Cliff BridgeThe Sea Cliff Bridge viewed from the airCoordinates34°15′14″S 150°58′26″E / 34.25389°S 150.97389°ECoordinates: 34°15′14″S 150°58′26″E / 34.25389°S 150.97389°ECarriesLawrence Hargrave Drive(also known as Grand Pacific Drive) Motor vehiclesPedestriansBicyclesCrossesRockface on the Illawarra escarpment/Tasman SeaLocaleCoalcliff, New South Wales, AustraliaBeginsCoalcliffEndsCliftonOther name(s)Lawrence Hargrave Drive BridgeOwnerTransport for NSWCharacteristicsDesignBalanced off-shore parallel-to-coast cantilever bridge(Sea Cliff Bridge)Incremental launching girder bridge(Lawrence Hargrave Drive Bridge)MaterialSteel reinforced concreteTotal length455.6 metres (1,495 ft)(Sea Cliff Bridge)210 metres (690 ft)(Lawrence Hargrave Drive…
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Sea Cliff Bridge – Destination Wollongong

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge – Destination Wollongong Arts and culture Things to do The 665 metre long Sea Cliff Bridge is a highlight along the Grand Pacific Drive – A drive which takes in 140 kilometres worth of coastal scenery from the Royal National Park, Loftus down to Nowra. The bridge has become an icon to the people of Wollongong and the world,…
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Sea Cliff Bridge – Wollongong, NSW, Australia – Facebook

Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout: How to get here [updated 2020]

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout: How to get here [updated 2020] – 24 Hours Layover The Sea Cliff Bridge lookout located in Clifton, Illawarra just south of Sydney, remained a fairly well-kept secret until it exploded on social media in 2020. Prior to this the lookout was relatively unknown to tourists and you may have encountered maybe only one or two other people on the hike up to the secret…
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Sea Cliff Bridge: history and construction – We Build Value

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge, the bridge that overlooks the ocean There is certainly no shortage of bridges in Australia that fascinate the whole world with their design. The most famous of all is probably the Sydney Harbour Bridge, completed in 1932. Its fame is due in part to the fact that it is situated close to the famous Sydney Opera House that was built forty years…
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Sea Cliff Bridge and Lawrence Hargrave Drive

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge and Lawrence Hargrave Drive Sea Cliff Bridge and Lawrence Hargrave Drive are popular locations for film and photography shoots.If you have questions about a proposed filming activity that includes Sea Cliff Bridge or Lawrence Hargrave Drive, call Transport for NSW on (02) 8396 1517 or email Transport for NSW.Please note: if you are planning to launch or land a drone on…
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Walking the Sea Cliff Bridge in 2022 – The Trusted Traveller

  • Summary: Walking the Sea Cliff Bridge in 2022 – The Trusted Traveller The Sea Cliff Bridge is located just south of Sydney on the New South Wales South Coast and forms part of the Grand Pacific Drive that runs 138km from the Royal National Park at Loftus in South Sydney to Nowra on the South Coast. Opened in 2005, the Sea Cliff Bridge…
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Sea Cliff Bridge attraction reviews – Wollongong –

  • Summary: Sea Cliff Bridge attraction reviews – Sea Cliff Bridge tickets – Sea Cliff Bridge discounts – Sea Cliff Bridge transportation, address, opening hours – attractions, hotels, and food near Sea Cliff Bridge – Trip.comWhat travelers say:sea cliff bridge Located on the Huanhai Road in Wolonggang, Australia, the scenery is particularly beautiful! Under the blue sky and white clouds, the bridge is the…
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Opening of Sea Cliff Bridge | Looking Back – Mick Roberts

  • Summary: Opening of Sea Cliff Bridge The Sea Cliff Bridge marked its 10th anniversary on December 11 2015. I was there on the day 10 years ago, covering the opening of the bridge for the Northern Leader newspaper. Here are a few pictures I took on that wet and windy day. The wild weather did not deter a good turn-out to celebrate the opening of…
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