Is thank yous a word?

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Thank yous or Thank you's Which is correct?

  • Summary: Thank yous or Thank you’s Which is correct?Thank yous or Thank-yous is the plural of Thank you when it is used as a noun. Thank yous is usually a section of a speech or piece of work when you want to show your gratitude to other people who took part in the project.  Why is Thank you’s incorrect?We use an…
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'Thank-You' or 'Thank You'? – Quick and Dirty Tips ™

  • Summary: ‘Thank-You’ or ‘Thank You’? – Quick and Dirty Tips ™ “Thank you”: verb “Thank-you notes”: modifier “A thank-you”: noun “Many thank-yous” or “many thank you’s”: plural noun I always get a lot of questions about hyphens when I do my AP style webinars, and it’s not surprising because hyphens can be confusing. When does ‘thank-you’ need a hyphen? When “thank” is a verb, you don’t need a hyphen We…
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100k “thank yous” or 100k “thank you's”? [duplicate]

  • Summary: 100k “thank yous” or 100k “thank you’s”? 1 Answer the expresion comes from a verbal form, so the noun has to be hyphenated. So, it is one “thank-you” or several “thank-you’s” (because of the compound form). but, in everyday use, “thank yous” is also correct. and please note that hyphens are also omitted in everyday use so…
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Is it thank you, thankyou or thank-you? – Future Perfect

A “thank you” note – The Grammarphobia Blog

  • Summary: The Grammarphobia Blog: A “thank you” note Q: I’m designing a client brochure that includes thanks from numerous folks. The heading reads: “Season’s Greeting and thank you’s from our scholars.” Is the use of “thank you’s” OK? Doesn’t this make it possessive, not plural? But without the apostrophe, “thank yous” looks typically “Jersey” to…
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“Thank you's” | WordReference Forums

  • Summary: “Thank you’s” #4 It would not be strange to see thank you’s as a plural of thank you. Not that it needs the apostrophe, or even that it is correct by some definition, but because the immediate reaction to seeing yous is that it is an error. #9 It is definitely a…
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Thank Yous Or Thank You's? Here's The Plural Of “Thank You”

  • Summary: Thank Yous Or Thank You’s? Here’s The Plural Of “Thank You”So, you’re thinking about sending off some “thank you” notes, or maybe you’ve got another reason to say “thank you” to multiple people. Either way, you’re going to need to know what the plural form of “thank you” is in case you…
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What does thank-yous mean? – YourDictionary

For the plural of thank you, as in many thank you(s), is … – Reddit

  • Summary: r/grammar – For the plural of thank you, as in many thank you(s), is it “thank yous”, “thank you’s”, “thankyous”, or “thank-yous”?Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsFound the internet! level 1In published prose, you will see both thank-yous and thank yous. The hyphenated version is more common in American publications, and the non-hyphenated one is…
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