Should you prune hollyhocks?

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Prune your hollyhocks in September. By early September, hollyhocks will turn brown, and cutting them down is a good idea. Cutting back hollyhocks will keep their seeds from spreading across your garden, and help the plant survive through the winter. The answer you’ve been waiting for is here now. a list of pertinent questions and answers that you might occasionally need.

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  • When should you prune hollyhocks?

    No pruning is required, just remove any leaves that are heavily infected with rust disease through the summer and cut down the flower spikes when the flowers have faded. Hollyhocks are easy to grow from seed and will readily self-seed in your garden.
  • Hollyhocks need very little care. Stake…

    Hollyhocks need very little care. Stake flowering plants and water in dry weather. After flowering. cut the flower spike off once the seeds have dispersed
  • A haircut is the first step…

    A haircut is the first step to preparing hollyhock for winter. Prune the leaves and stems back to 6 inches (15 cm.) from the ground in fall. The hollyhocks then need a layer of organic material over the root zone to protect them from freezing
  • Cut Back: Hollyhocks With stalks up…

    Cut Back: Hollyhocks With stalks up to six feet high, these cottage garden staples can get gangly in the fall. Cut back the sturdy stems about six inches from the soil to prevent problems and plant diseases such as leaf rust. If you have seed pods, scatter them in the fall for more plants in the spring

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How to prune hollyhocks

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