Was elise de la serre a real person?

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Élise de la Serre (1768-28 July 1794) was a French noblewoman of the House of Serre. She was the daughter of the influential noble Francois de la Serre, and lived a privileged life in Versailles Palace and Paris, France. She was involved with the French Revolution, during which she died. The content of this article is compiled by FAQGuide from many reputable information sources such as Reddit, Quora and Google. Now, instead of searching for answers on Reddit, Quora the hard way, you can get all the information you want in this thread.

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  • Was Francois de La Serre a real person?

    Pierre François Hercule de Serre (12 March 1776 ? 21 July 1824) was a French soldier, lawyer and politician. He was a deputy from 1815 to 1824, and was Minister of Justice in three successive cabinets from 1818 to 1821.
  • The Sword of Eden’s power source…

    The Sword of Eden’s power source became unstable and exploded, throwing Élise into a column, crushing her beneath it. A freed Arno immediately went to his lover, but was seconds too late, as Élise died in his arms
  • Arno Victor Dorian is a fictional…

    Arno Victor Dorian is a fictional character in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. He serves as the protagonist of the 2014 game Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which he is portrayed by Canadian actor Dan Jeannotte through performance capture, and voiced by Godefroy Reding as a young child.
  • She is the daughter of the…

    She is the daughter of the Assassins Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre, and the younger sister of Master Assassin Francois Charles Dorian. A Second Generation Dorian, Juliette is of British, French, and Austrian descent.

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Élise de la Serre | Assassin's Creed Wiki – Fandom

  • Summary: Élise de la SerreThis article is about the Templar. You may be looking for the French smuggler. “I fear that you have lost so much already that you cannot bear to lose more. I think that you would let Germain rule France if you thought it would ‘save’ me. Have you ever known me to need saving? Have you ever had cause to think that I would accept…
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Your thoughts on Elise de la Serre? (Unity Spoilers) – Reddit

Arno Dorian – Wikipedia

  • Summary: Arno Dorian Arno DorianAssassin’s Creed characterFirst appearanceAssassin’s Creed Unity (2014)Created byUbisoftPortrayed byDan JeannotteGodefroy Reding (young)In-universe informationFull nameArno Victor DorianOccupationNoblemanAssassinAffiliationAssassin BrotherhoodFamilyCharles Dorian (father)Marie Dorian (mother)François de la Serre (adoptive father)Significant otherÉlise de la SerreRelativesCallum Lynch (descendant)NationalityFrench-Austrian Arno Victor Dorian is a fictional character in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. He serves as the protagonist of the 2014 game Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which he is portrayed by Canadian actor Dan Jeannotte…
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  • Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arno_Dorian

In Game: Following the death of Élise de la Serre

  • Summary: In Game: Permalink Following the death of Élise de la Serre, the Assassin Arno Dorian killed François-Thomas Germain with his hidden blade. As Germain bled out, he spoke to Arno through a vision, telling the Assassin of his memories of the First Civilization, and the motive of his purge of the Templar Order. Germain further explained his reasons for influencing the revolution to become chaotic and violent. Before succumbing to his wounds, Germain told Arno…
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Get To Know Elise From Assassin's Creed Unity – Game Informer

  • Summary: Get To Know Elise From Assassin’s Creed Unity So far, we’ve only seen a small slice of Elise De LaSerre in her reveal trailer, but it was enough to get people speculating, especially the revelation that she’s a Templar. When we visited Ubisoft Montreal for our cover story, Ubisoft opened up about the enigmatic red-head and her role in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Don’t dismiss this skilled swordswoman as a mere damsel in distress or minor character. Elise plays a pivotal…
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Élise de la Serre – Tumblr

  • Summary: Élise de la SerreI finished playing AC UnityAnd I wanted to write a review, just for me, because I write reviews for fun, but I realized I couldn’t. At least not now. Spoilers. I am devastated.Even knowing the end, because I spoiled it for myself – even without liking Élise so much after reading the novelization (the whole feeling of “Arno, you deserve better”) – even after all that,…
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  • Source: https://www.tumblr.com/elise-de-la-serre
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