Was the greyhound a battleship?

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Was the greyhound a battleship? – Frequently asked questions

  • How many ships were sunk in Greyhound?

    The attack commences that evening with five merchant ships being torpedoed and sunk. One U-boat torpedoes an oil tanker and escapes Greyhound by using an underwater decoy device, tricking the crew into wasting most of their remaining depth charges.
  • Is the movie Greyhound historically accurate?

    ?Greyhound? is actually based on a 1955 novel called ?The Good Shepherd? by C.S. Forester. And no, it is not a true story. The novel, and film, are a fictional yarn about a non-fictional scenario.27 jul
  • Where is the USS Greyhound now?

    It is the only surviving Second World War destroyer still in her wartime configuration, and is docked in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.26 jul
  • Why did the captain’s feet bleed in Greyhound?

    Greyhound is arguably more accurate in this regard; in one scene, it reveals Krause’s feet are actually bleeding from wearing his shoes and pacing so much while he’s captaining for hours on-end (before he slips into more comfortable footwear).
  • What does meet her mean in Greyhound?

    ?Meet her? is used when the Conning Officer is steering in a general direction based on a visual reference (like another ship or a surfaced U-Boat) or for such a brief period that stating a course is not particularly useful. In this case, order a course to steer is optional.
  • Will there be a sequel to Greyhound?

    According to The Wrap, a Greyhound sequel is in the works as part of an overall deal signed this week between Apple TV+ and Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman’s production company Playtone.
  • How close did German subs get to the US?

    So the two Bremen submarines are united 3,000 miles away at one of the United States’ great forts of WWII. Their story is told to thousands of visitors to the Fort Miles museum as part of the German attack on the American homeland in World War II.
  • Was the U-47 ever found?

    Researchers identified the submarine as UC-47, a German U-boat responsible for sinking 56 Allied vessels in just 13 months, per the Independent. After a year-long career, the submarine?and all 26 of its crew members?sank to the sea floor during a fatal encounter with P-57.
  • Do any German U-boats still exist?

    The German Unterseeboot, or U-boat, was a submarine that appeared seemingly out of nowhere to destroy both military and commercial ships. Despite their prevalence during WWI and WWII, only four U-boats exist today.
  • How many ships were sunk off the US coast in ww2?

    U.S. Merchant Ships Sunk or Damaged in World War II. According to the War Shipping Administration, the U.S. Merchant Marine suffered the highest rate of casualties of any service in World War II. Officially, a total of 1,554 ships were sunk due to war conditions, including 733 ships of over 1,000 gross tons.
  • How many U-boats are still missing?

    A U-boat of this type, listed for decades as being sunk off Gibraltar, was found on the sea bottom about 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey in 1991. According to the definitive website Uboat.org, a total of 50 German U-boats remained unaccounted for after the end of World War II.
  • What captain sank the most U-boats?

    Captain Frederic John Walker CB, DSO and three Bars, was a Royal Navy officer noted for his exploits during World War II and was the most successful anti-submarine warfare commander who sank more German U-boats than any other British or Allied Commander during the Battle of the Atlantic, which was one of the most …

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