Were ford tractors good?

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  • Did Ford make good tractors?

    A six-cylinder high performance diesel engine powered the model. In conclusion, Ford Motor Company has always had along and great history manufacturing tractors for the farm industry that will always be a part of Ford’s great legacy and heritage
  • The Ford engine on major tractors…

    The Ford engine on major tractors features a 4-cylinder engine and is highly reliable during heavy work. Most tractors use steel engines that are so easy to replace and rebuild if they deteriorate
  • The Ford 8N is the standard…

    The Ford 8N is the standard of reliability, built to last for generations. While these tractors do require occasional maintenance, there are no significant design flaws that would make this tractor unreliable. These tractors are easy to work on
  • Ford’s farm equipment group was sold…

    Ford’s farm equipment group was sold to Fiat in 1990, which began phasing out the Ford name. In 2009, New Holland Agricultural presented the world first hydrogen powered tractor, the NH2, generating energy from renewable sources.

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