What age is romain in selling sunset?

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28What’s his age and background? Romain, 28, is a model and project manager, who first came to Hollywood as a pastry chef. He is the husband of real estate agent Mary Fitzgerald, who recently revealed that Romain has been working as a project manager for The Oppenheim Group. The answer you’ve been waiting for is here now. a list of pertinent questions and answers that you might occasionally need.

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  • Romain, who was born on June…

    Romain, who was born on June 18, 1993, is currently 27 years old, while Mary is 39
  • Mary at 41, is thirteen years…

    Mary at 41, is thirteen years older than Romain, who is 28. Still, the couple faces challenges, such as Romain wanting to have children and Mary being reluctant to start her parenting journey again. Mary had her son Austin Babbitt when she was just 16 years old
  • ‘Right now is a little too…

    ‘Right now is a little too crazy for us’: Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald, 41, reveals she will freeze her embryos while the star and husband Romain Bonnet, 28, focus on their careers
  • Mary married her 28-year-old husband, Romain…

    Mary married her 28-year-old husband, Romain Bonnet, in an intimate wedding in October 2019. He appears in Selling Sunset after they got married in season two.

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How old is Romain Bonnet from Selling Sunset? – 28 – PopBuzz

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  • Summary: What does Romain from Selling Sunset do for a living?…SELLING Sunset is Netflix’s glam real estate reality show. However, Romain Bonnet – the husband of Mary Fitzgerald – is not a realtor. 8 Romain Bonnet is married to Mary FitzgeraldCredit: Instagram Who is Romain Bonnet and what does he do? Romain is a Wilhelmina Model, according to his Instagram profile. The 27-year-old is 6ft 29inches, with size 12 feet and…
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Romain Bonnet – Age, Family, Bio | Famous Birthdays

  • Summary: Learn about Romain Bonnet #64282 Most Popular Boost Popularity About French model who is known for having earned representation from the Wilhelmina agencies in both bNew York and in Los Angeles. He is also a television star known for his appearances on the Netflix series Selling Sunset.  Before Fame He first started sharing his modeling shots to Instagram in November of 2016. He gained attention when Selling Sunset debuted on Netflix in March of 2019.  Trivia He is…
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Romain Bonnet age: How old is Mary Fitzgerald's husband?

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