What are didi twins?

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In a di/di pregnancy (more scientifically referred to as a dichorionic diamniotic pregnancy) the twins each have their own chorionic and amniotic sacs. Essentially, each of the babies is growing like they would as a singleton, but just a little more cramped, because they’re sharing the same womb. The content of this article is compiled by FAQGuide from many reputable information sources such as Reddit, Quora and Google. Now, instead of searching for answers on Reddit, Quora the hard way, you can get all the information you want in this thread.

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  • Approximately 10% of Di/Di twins will…

    Approximately 10% of Di/Di twins will be monozygotic, resulting from the early splitting (within the first 3 days) of a single embryo. Both fetuses will have arisen from the same egg and sperm, and therefore, will be genetically identical (and have the same sex as confirmed by ultrasound).
  • Twin Pregnancies However, even in younger…

    Twin Pregnancies However, even in younger mothers, dichorionic-diamniotic (di-di) pregnancies still cause uncertainty in twin type. 30% of di-di pregnancies are identical twins, and many doctors still believe that di-di pregnancies can only result in fraternal twins.
  • While identical twins will always be…

    While identical twins will always be the same gender, di-di fraternal twins can go either way. You can end up with girl-girl twins, boy-boy twins, or boy-girl twins. In fact, science has found that the most common type of fraternal twins is boy-girl!
  • Barring pregnancies that result from assisted…

    Barring pregnancies that result from assisted reproductive technology, dizygotic twins are far more common than monozygotic twins and account for 70 percent of all twin gestations

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