What are the types of ironmongery?

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Architects sometimes specify ironmongery to suit a specific design concept and wherever possible we will work with them to source the required ironmongery.

  • Sliding sash window ironmongery.
  • Casement window ironmongery.
  • Entrance door ironmongery.
  • French door ironmongery.
  • Bi-folding door ironmongery.
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    What are the types of ironmongery? – All helpful answers

    • What are the examples of ironmongery?

      Such items, sometimes also described as architectural hardware, include door handles, locks, door closers, hinges (door furniture), window fittings, handrails and balusters
    • What are the uses of ironmongery?

      Ironmongery is perfect for creating reliable and secure door handles which makes it ideal for both domestic and industrial use. An ironmonger will be able to produce a range of door accessories including everything from hinges, locks, handles and door knockers, just like our range here at TBKS.
    • What is ironmongery made from?

      As a broad term, ‘ironmongery’ concerns the manufacture of goods made from iron, with an ‘ironmonger’ being the one that produces such products. These products are typically used in the construction of buildings and structures
    • What is ironmongery door?

      Door ironmongery, also known as door hardware or door furniture, refers to the hardware used on doors to improve their functionality and/or appearance. This type of hardware includes all kinds of attachments and fixtures that can be added to doors, such as door handles, door hooks and door letter plates
    • What is ironmongery hardware?

      Ironmongery, sometimes mistyped as ironmongary, iron mongary, ironmongrey or iron mongrey, used to be traditionally referred to as the hardware made from iron by an ironmonger. Nowadays, the term ironmongery has expanded to include hardware made of brass, aluminium, steel and other metals.
    • What is ironmongery for doors and windows?

      Architectural ironmongery includes door handles, closers, locks, cylinder pulls and hinges (door furniture), window fittings, cupboard fittings, iron railings, handrails, balustrades, switches and sockets.
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    • Is ironmongery a noun?

      noun, plural i·ron·mon·ger·ies. British. a hardware store or business.

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