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Lamarck made his most important contributions to science as a botanical and zoological systematist, as a founder of invertebrate paleontology, and as an evolutionary theorist. In his own day, his theory of evolution was generally rejected as implausible, unsubstantiated, or heretical.Subjects Of Study: invertebrate Lamarckism ev…Notable Works: “Flore francaise” “Histoire natu…Born: August 1, 1744 FranceDied: December 18, 1829 (aged 85) This page should provide the answers to your queries. Top-ranked, most helpful solutions are provided without charge.

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  • What was Lamarck’s theory of evolution?

    According to Lamarck, organisms altered their behavior in response to environmental change. Their changed behavior, in turn, modified their organs, and their offspring inherited those “improved” structures.
  • Lamarck is best known for his…

    Lamarck is best known for his contributions to evolution, or Lamarckism, which suggests organisms acquire or lose traits based on how much they use them in their lives. A giraffe that stretches his neck, will get a longer neck, and then pass that neck onto his offspring.
  • Lamarck believed that the stretching elongated…

    Lamarck believed that the stretching elongated the giraffe’s neck, which became a useful characteristic and was passed onto future generations. This resulted in the length of the giraffe’s neck increasing over time. It is now commonly accepted that Lamarck’s ideas were wrong.
  • He also anticipated the work of…

    He also anticipated the work of Schleiden & Schwann in cell theory in stating that: . . . no body can have life if its constituent parts are not cellular tissue or are not formed by cellular tissue. Lamarck even found time to write papers on physics and meteorology, including some annual compilations of weather data.

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  • Summary: Can Darwinian Evolution Explain Lamarckism?Olena Shmahalo/Quanta MagazineIf you took a high school biology class, you’re probably familiar with Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s theory of evolution and its emphasis on the “inheritance of acquired characteristics” — think giraffes stretching their necks longer to reach the leaves high in trees. In textbooks Lamarck’s theory is often presented as a rival to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. The simplistic storyline is that the two theories battled…
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