What is another word for house room?

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  • What is a fancy word for room?

    Homeroom Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for homeroom?
    classroom schoolroom
    lecture room school room
    study hall language laboratory
    lecture hall lecture theater
    seminar room teaching space

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  • What is another word for home room?

    Etymology 1. From Middle English roum, from Old English r?m (?room, space?), from Proto-West Germanic *r?m (?room?), from Proto-Germanic *r?m? (?room?), from Proto-Indo-European *row?- (?free space?).
  • How do you say room in Old English?

    A study, also known as a home office, is a room in a house that is used for paperwork, computer work, or reading.
  • What do you call a room for work at home?

    A small and enclosed room or space. cubbyhole. cubicle. booth. den.
  • What is a small room called?

    Great room, a large room in a modern Western house. Great hall, the largest room in a medieval manor. Obeya, also known as “big room”; the equivalent of a “war room” in Japanese business.
  • What is a large room called?

    No longer just a place for students to check in and talk to friends, homeroom has evolved into a period where students can start (or end) their day at a safe, supportive home base. Teachers can take the time to get to know their students, and they can offer guidance and information to help them navigate the day.
  • What’s the purpose of homeroom?

    form teacher; homeroom teacher; class teacher.
  • What is another name for homeroom teacher?

    The main bedroom is called the master bedroom, and if a bedroom has its own bathroom, it is called an ensuite. A dressing room or walk in wardrobe, is a luxury in the UK housing market, usually each bedroom would have a wardrobe or fitted wardrobes.
  • What is a small room called?

    Residences: A foyer is an area at the front of the home, entered after passing through the front door. The foyer connects a home’s entrance with the rest of the interior. … A foyer in a residence is usually a small area behind a front door that separates a home’s main rooms from the outside of the house.
  • What is the front room of a house called?

    Formal living rooms, family rooms, great rooms, drawing rooms, man caves, sunrooms, home libraries, home bars, and gaming rooms are among the many rooms in our huge interior design ideas for the living rooms department that are ?living spaces? in nature.
  • How many types of rooms are there in a house?

    Garret comes from the old French word guerite, which means “watchtower” or “sentry box.” These days, a garret has nothing to do with war; it simply means the little room at the very top of a building, which is also called an attic.
  • What is the main room in a house called?

    A room is a part of the inside of a building that is divided from other areas by walls and a door and that has its own floor and ceiling. A house is usually divided into different rooms (as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room).
  • What is a room in a house?

    The basic structure of many modern houses includes a foundation, frame, roof, door, chimney, windows, garage, yard, driveway and mailbox.

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