What is bullae in lungs?

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INTRODUCTION. A bulla is defined as an air space in the lung measuring more than one centimeter in diameter in the distended state. The term giant bulla is used for bullae that occupy at least 30 percent of a hemithorax [1-4]. And now for the solution you’ve been waiting for. A collection of relevant questions and answers that you may require on occasion.

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  • Is a bulla in the lung serious?

    A giant bulla is a complication of emphysema. In areas of the lung completely damaged by the disease, air pockets can develop. These areas threaten the patient’s health not only because of the underlying emphysema. As an air pocket?a bulla?grows, it takes up space in the chest cavity and can encroach on the lungs.
  • Most patients with bullae have a…

    Most patients with bullae have a significant cigarette smoking history, although cocaine smoking, pulmonary sarcoidosis, alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency, 1-antichymotrypsin deficiency, Marfan’s syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and inhaled fiberglass exposure have all been implicated.
  • Bullectomy or resection of the entire…

    Bullectomy or resection of the entire bulla, either through a video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) or a standard open thoracotomy, is the most common surgical technique used for treatment (1).
  • Bullae are typically easy to treat….

    Bullae are typically easy to treat. They will resolve on their own without treatment if not due to an illness or skin condition. However, in some cases complications are possible. If open or drained, bullae have the potential to become infected.

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  • Summary: Bullous emphysema: Symptoms, outlook, treatment, and moreThe lungs consist of many tiny air sacs called alveoli. Emphysema is a condition that damages the alveoli and destroys lung tissue. Doctors characterize bullous emphysema (BE) as damaged alveoli that distend to form exceptionally large air spaces, especially within the uppermost portions of the lung.BE is a radiographic diagnosis according to chest X-rays or, more commonly, a CT scan of the chest showing the presence of bullae. Bullae typically measure…
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  • Summary: Pulmonary bullaeCitation, DOI & article dataCitation:Gaillard, F., Saber, M. Pulmonary bullae. Reference article, Radiopaedia.org. (accessed on 17 Oct 2022) https://doi.org/10.53347/rID-9203 Pulmonary bullae (singular: bulla) are focal regions of emphysema with no discernible wall which measure more than 1 or 2 cm in diameter 1-2. Some use the term pulmonary bleb for a similar lesion less than 1 or 2 cm, whereas others use both the terms bleb and bulla interchangeably.They are…
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  • Summary: Pulmonary Blebs and Bullae Master Content For the first day or so, a chest tube is left in to help adhere the once deflated lung to the chest wall (pleural symphysis). The tube will be removed if no leak is apparent, and the patient will be sent home. Patients will undergo physical therapy to promote recovery. Content Sugarbaker DJ, Bueno R, Krasna MJ, Mentzer SJ, Zellos L (eds). Adult Chest Surgery. New…
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  • Summary: Bullectomy: Background, Indications, Contraindications Background Bullectomy is the surgical removal of a bulla, which is a dilated air space in the lung parenchyma measuring more than 1 cm. [1]  A bulla that occupies more than 30% of the hemithorax is referred to as a giant bulla. The most common cause of a lung bulla is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Other conditions associated…
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