What is the luminary loppet?

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The Luminary Loppet is part of the City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival, which includes cross-country ski, fat-tire bike, snowshoe, and skijor races and tours, youth events, and more. The Luminary Loppet is not a race – enjoy a night out with family and friends!
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  • What does the Loppet Foundation do?

    We create a shared passion for year-round outdoor adventure in the Minneapolis area, focusing on underserved youth and families.
  • Who founded the Loppet Foundation?

    John Munger
  • How do you pronounce Loppet?

    How do you pronounce LOPPET? low pit! It has the check next to it.
  • In which sport is the word Loppet used?

    Loppet: Scandinavian word, said to be Norwegian in origin, meaning a ski race.
  • How long does it take to cross country ski 10k?

    One skier starts every 30 seconds and the skier with the best time wins (not necessarily the one who crosses the finish line first). The men’s individual start course is 15 km long, which usually takes athletes around 38-40 minutes to complete, while the women’s is 10 km and lasts around 28-30 minutes .

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City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival

  • Summary: City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival – The Loppet Foundation February 4-5, 2023The Urban Ski Festival Minneapolis’s Iconic Celebration of Winter Growing from a once humble cross-country ski race in 2003, the City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival has come to be the staple event of winter in the North. The City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival is a two-day festival that includes the Luminary Loppet, which is the…
  • Rating: 1.78 ⭐
  • Source: https://www.loppet.org/events/festival/

A look behind the scenes of the 2021 Luminary Loppet

  • Summary: A look behind the scenes of the 2021 Luminary Loppet – The Loppet Foundation News & Stories The Luminary Loppet looked a little different this past winter, as local group size restrictions lead to a location change from its typical setting at Lake of the Isles to the trails of Theodore Wirth Park. Without skipping a beat, volunteers threw on masks and assembled as usual to create…
  • Rating: 2.33 ⭐
  • Source: https://www.loppet.org/stories/2021/06/a-look-behind-the-scenes-of-the-2021-luminary-loppet/

City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival – Meet Minneapolis

  • Summary: Don’t Miss the City of Lakes Loppet Festival A celebration of winter in Minneapolis! Taking place from Jan. 30-31 & Feb. 6-7, 2021.What is it? A cross-country ski festival for the whole family! The Loppet features ski races for all ages, skill-levels, and abilities. You’ll find skijoring races, a kubb tournament, a snow sculpture competition, sprint races, ice biking, and more. This is Minneapolis’…
  • Rating: 1.7 ⭐
  • Source: https://www.minneapolis.org/calendar/festivals/fall-winter/loppet/

Luminary Loppet 2019: A Photo Essay – Minnesota Monthly

  • Summary: Luminary Loppet 2019: A Photo Essay | Minnesota Monthly Photos and captions by Sommer Stelzer The Luminary Loppet, as you can probably guess from the name, is all about light. Fire dancers, paper lanterns, an enchanted ice forest, and an ice pyramid are just some of the features participants had to look forward to this year.  Even the Loppet Foundation says that the Luminary Loppet is rather hard to describe. There’s…
  • Rating: 3.2 ⭐
  • Source: https://www.minnesotamonthly.com/travel-recreation/luminary-loppet-2019-a-photo-essay/

Luminary Loppet illuminates city – SLP Echo

  • Summary: Luminary Loppet illuminates cityAnnual event brings community together Kaia MyersThis ice castle luminary was located in the Icecropolis display on Lake of the Isles. The Luminary Loppet was hosted as a part of the 2020 City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival Feb. 1. Sofia SeewaldFebruary 4, 2020Lake of the Isles was an illuminated scene Feb. 1. Fire throwers, giant glowing penguins and…
  • Rating: 2.85 ⭐
  • Source: https://slpecho.com/entertainment/city-entertainment/2020/02/04/luminary-loppet-illuminates-city/

Luminary Loppet: Walk, Ski, or Snowshoe through a Fun …

Luminary Loppet in Minneapolis

Luminary Loppet – Star Tribune Shop

  • Summary: Luminary Loppet – Star Tribune Shop Description Additional information Description Thousands of ice luminaries light up the path on Lake of the Isles for those participating in the Luminary Loppet. Photo: Tom Wallace / Star Tribune Additional information Photo Options Photo Print 8×10 Related products
  • Rating: 4.48 ⭐
  • Source: https://shop.startribune.com/product/luminary-loppet/

Luminary Loppet on Lake of the Isles – Star Tribune

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