What is the meaning of overgive?

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(obsolete, transitive) To give over, hand over, surrender; to relinquish. [
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What does overgive mean? | Best 1 Definitions of Overgive

  • Summary: Overgive Definitions | What does overgive mean? From over- +‎ give. Compare Scots overgie (“to relinquish, resign”), Dutch overgeven (“to surrender”), German übergeben (“to hand over, surrender”), Danish overgive (“to surrender”). From Wiktionary
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  • Source: https://www.yourdictionary.com/overgive

Overgive – definition of overgive by The Free Dictionary

  • Summary: overgiveovergive (ˌəʊvəˈɡɪv) vb (tr) , -gives, -giving, -gave or -givento give upCollins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014
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  • Source: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/overgive

Overgive – 2 definitions – Encyclo

  • Summary: Overgive – 2 definitions – Encyclo About Us Encyclo.co.uk, online since 2007, is a search engine for English meanings and definitions. The website aims to publish all wordlists, big and small, on the internet, making it much easier to find the word you need.
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  • Source: https://www.encyclo.co.uk/meaning-of-overgive

What does OVERGIVE mean? – Definitions.net

  • Summary: What does OVERGIVE mean? Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:overgiveverbTo give over, hand over, surrender; to relinquish.overgiveverbTo give up, terminate.Etymology: From. Compare overgie, overgeven, übergeben, overgive.Chambers 20th Century Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:Overgiveō-vėr-giv′, v.t. (Spens.) to give over or surrender.—v.i. to give too lavishly.How to pronounce OVERGIVE?How to say OVERGIVE in sign language?NumerologyChaldean NumerologyThe numerical value of OVERGIVE in Chaldean…
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  • Source: https://www.definitions.net/definition/OVERGIVE

overgive – definition and meaning – Wordnik

  • Summary: overgive — definition, examples, related words and more at Wordnik Definitions from The Century Dictionary. To give over or surrender. To surpass in giving. from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English. transitive verb obsolete To give over; to surrender; to yield. Etymologies from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License From over- +‎ give. Compare Scots overgie (“to relinquish, resign”), Dutch overgeven (“to…
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  • Source: https://www.wordnik.com/words/overgive

Overgive Definition, Meaning & Usage | FineDictionary.com

  • Summary: Definition of Overgive Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary Overgive To give over; to surrender; to yield. Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia overgive To give over or surrender. overgive To surpass in giving. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (v.t) Overgive ō-vėr-giv′ (Spens.) to give over or surrender (v.i) Overgive to give too lavishly Typos * ivergive kvergive lvergive pvergive ocergive ofergive ogergive obergive ovwrgive ovsrgive ovdrgive ovrrgive oveegive…
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  • Source: https://www.finedictionary.com/Overgive

What does Overgive mean? Definition of overgive, Synonyms …

  • Summary: What does overgive mean? Definition of Overgive, Synonyms & Antonyms of Overgive – Free Online Dictionary!Definitions and meanings of “Overgive”What do we mean by overgive?Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word overgive. Define overgive, overgive synonyms, overgive pronunciation, overgive translation, English dictionary definition of overgive.The word “overgive” in example sentencesOvergive related wordsWords that rhyme with OvergiveThe word “overgive” in example sentencesHow to use overgive…
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  • Source: https://wikiwordy.com/word/overgive

Overgive meaning in English – DictZone

  • Summary: Overgive meaning in English » DictZone Danish-English dictionaryDanish-English dictionary » DanishEnglishovergivesurrender◼◼◼give◼◼◻hand◼◼◻deliver◼◼◻submit◼◼◻give up◼◼◻hand over◼◼◻issue◼◼◻render◼◻◻betray◼◻◻hand in◼◻◻turn in◼◻◻Your historyOnline dictionaries Arabic-English Danish-English Dothraki-English Dutch-English French-English German-English Hungarian-English Italian-English Latin-English Polish-English Romanian-English Russian-English Spanish-English Swedish-EnglishAll online dictionaries »DictZone BlogMight be interesteddyrefodereksempelviseksponereerstatningfedtgenerelhvide tirsdagkuldsejleorganisk kemislatina
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  • Source: https://dictzone.com/danish-english-dictionary/overgive

Definition of overgive, meaning of the word overgive and anagrams

  • Summary: Definition of overgive, meaning of the word overgive and anagrams Do you know the meaning of overgive?To give too lavishly. Word in 8 letters. This definition of the word overgive is from the Wiktionary, where you can also find the etimology, other senses, synonyms, antonyms and examples. Anagrams of overgive: The word overgive has 1 anagram. vegivore Overgive backwards: The word overgive spelled backward is evigrevo which is not a…
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  • Source: https://lotsofwords.com/definition/overgive

overgive meaning and definition

  • Summary: overgive meaning and definition English monolingual /əʊvəˈɡɪv/ (UK) VerbFrequency: third-person singular simple present overgives, present participle overgiving, simple past overgave, past participle overgiven To give over, hand over, surrender; to relinquish. from 15th c. obsolete To give up, terminate. 16th-17th c.
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  • Source: https://topmeaning.com/english/overgive

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