What is wipro wase program?

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The solution is simple. Wipro’s Work Integrated Learning Program 2023 offers BCA and BSc students a chance to do it all! Start working at Wipro while pursuing an M.Tech degree from a premier university. Here’s the best part — we sponsor your degree too. The answer you’ve been waiting for is here now. a list of pertinent questions and answers that you might occasionally need.

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  • WASE and WIMS are both the…

    WASE and WIMS are both the same courses offered within Wipro. It’s just that in WASE you join Wipro Technologies and in WIMS you join Wipro Infotech. That’s the only difference. Degree, University, grading system, number of classes etc are all same
  • If good isn’t good enough, if…

    If good isn’t good enough, if shortcuts won’t do, and if standing out is what you desire, then our Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP) are for you. Sign up to strengthen the foundation of your technical expertise and stay relevant by upgrading your skills and your higher education qualifications.
  • No , you should not go…

    No , you should not go for WASE/WIMS program as it is not recognized outside Wipro and most companies do not consider it as Masters Course . It is less rigorous and learning outcomes are minimal. Salary and hike is very less and it is hard to survive in that salary in Metro Cities.
  • Wipro is hiring BCA and B.Sc…

    Wipro is hiring BCA and B.Sc grads for its Work Integrated Learning Program with a maximum stipend of ?23,000 per month. The Indian multinational conglomerate is hiring BCA and B.Sc students who graduated in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Selected candidates will get a maximum stipend of ?23,000 per month

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WIMS & WASE In Wipro WILP – Classic Technology

  • Summary: WIMS & WASE In Wipro WILP – Classic Technology If you are interested in Networking then you can go for WIMS as it deals with networking and if you are interested in Programming then you can go to WASE Programming. Wipro You can go to any of these WASE or WIMS according to your interest. WASE deals with programming and WIMS deals with Networking. WASE and WIMS are both the…
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  • Summary: Wipro WILP WASE WISTA In this article, I am going to share my real experience of joining the Wipro WILP program as part of WASE student. Wipro WILP, WASE, or WISTA are essentially the same with extremely minor differences. I recently completed 10 years of working with Wipro on 16th November 2020. It would be good if I share my experience with Fellow students or members who wish to join these Work Integrated Learning…
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WIPRO WASE PROGRAM 2021 | WIPRO WILP | How to apply …

How to register online for WASE program From WIPRO?

  • Summary: How to register online for WAS | Wipro Discussions The eligibility criteria to register for the Wipro WASE and Wista program is mentioned below:1. You must have passed your Undergraduate degree course.2. You must have obtained your undergraduate course in technical field.3. You must have average percentage of 70% or above throughout your academiccareer.4. You must not have any year backlog.5. You must not have any current backlog while…
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