When can you go to outlands in wow?

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Entering outlands is possible at any level if you got access to a mageportal to shatt. for questing it’s lvl 58
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When can you go to outlands in wow? – Everything you should know

  • When can I go to the Outlands?

    You can get to Outland by using the Shattrath portal in Stormwind’s mage tower or Orgrimmar portal room in retail. You can also talk to the mage near the portal [H] or at the tower entrance [A] to get to Hellfire Peninsula. In Classic, you need to use the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands instead
  • When can you go to Outland in TBC?

    After you reach your destination, it is time for some running. Hop on to your mount or travel form, and start heading south, into Blasted Lands. To the very bottom there will be an area called ‘The Dark Portal’, where you will find the actual Dark Portal itself, the entrance to Outland
  • Can you go to Outland at level 58?

    Level 58 is the minimum level requirement to enter the Outlands. And should you enter the Outlands at this time? Absolutely! The Outlands quest experience is much greater than those of Azeroth, with pretty much every single quest rewarding over 10k experience apiece.
  • Is there a quest to go to Outland?

    This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed. Go through the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. The Thrallmar Mage in the Orgrimmar Portal Room can help you get there.
  • How do I get to the Outlands?

    To travel to Outland, you can walk through the Dark Portal located in the Blasted Lands in the Eastern Kingdoms. To get back, you can take portals from the neutral city of Shattrath to each of the factions’ capital cities.
  • What level can I enter Dark Portal?

    The approximate coordinates for the Dark Portal (on the Azeroth side) are (58,58). Appropriately enough, you’ll need to be at least level 58 to cross through the portal and enter Outland.
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  • How do you get to Outland from Stormwind?

    Hellfire Peninsula is a place that can be entered by anybody LvL 58 and above. There are some loopholes that allow people below LvL 58 to enter the zone. Hellfire is the first zone that you will encounter in Outland.
  • How do you get to Outland from Stormwind?

    Take the portal to Hellfire Peninsula.

    You must be at least level 58. You’ll arrive at the Dark Portal (also known as the Stair of Destiny). Note: if you are level 90+ the Stormwind portal and the Orgrimmar Cleft portal will take you to the Blasted Lands instead ? but a new Hellfire portal will appear above them.

  • What level should I be for shattrath?

    Required level is 65.
  • What level can I go to Shattrath?

    If you are coming back to the game a few weeks after launch, Many mages will be able to teleport players with their Teleport: Shattrath skill they can pick up from a portal trainer from the City itself at level 68 and above.
  • Can a Level 1 go to Shattrath?

    There is no level restriction to being in Shattrath, although players lower than 58 can only get there by the mage spell Portal: Shattrath, which isn’t available to Mages until level 68.

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