When did child soldiers start?

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The first modern use of child soldiers in the region was actually during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Iranian law, based on the Koranic sharia, had forbid the recruitment of children under 16 into the armed forces. Answer the questions you are looking for here. Top of the most correct and useful answers are shared for free.

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  • Children become part of an armed…

    Children become part of an armed force or group for various reasons. Some are abducted, threatened, coerced or manipulated by armed actors. Others are driven by poverty, compelled to generate income for their families. Still others associate themselves for survival or to protect their communities.
  • Between the 14th and 19th centuries,…

    Between the 14th and 19th centuries, the Ottoman empire trained elite infantry units known as Janissaries. These units were populated by strong children, aged 7?18, who had either been kidnapped from local non-Muslim families or taken during military campaigns against Christian communities
  • The fighting in what used to…

    The fighting in what used to be Zaire began in 1996 with the revolt led by Laurent Kabila. His army had some 10,000 child soldiers between the ages of 7 and 16. As the war spread, it involved armies from eight different countries and a multitude of rebel groups. It continues today.
  • The youngest known soldier of World…

    The youngest known soldier of World War I was Mom?ilo Gavri?, who joined the 6th Artillery Division of the Serbian Army at the age of 8, after Austro-Hungarian troops in August 1914 killed his parents, grandmother, and seven of his siblings.

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