When do dealers get new inventory?

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While there’s not a lot to choose from on most dealers’ lots, if you order a car, the typical wait time is six months to over a year, depending on the model, Willis said. Those wait times vary with different brands and different dealerships
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  • What is the best month to buy a car?

    What Is the Best Month to Buy a Car? In addition to certain times of the week or holidays, some months are better to buy or lease new vehicles or purchase used cars than other months. In general, May, October, November, and December are the best months to visit the car dealership.
  • Why are new car dealerships so low on inventory?

    If you’re wondering why new & used cars are so hard to find, you’re not alone. The inventory shortage can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting supply chain disruptions. When COVID-19 brought the economy to a halt back in 2020, automakers canceled orders for semiconductor chips
  • How long will the vehicle inventory shortage last?

    ?Many of the components are single-sourced, so trouble at one supplier can cripple production at multiple automakers,? wrote Jominy in an email to Cars.com. Because of these ongoing challenges, production isn’t expected to return to normal until 2023 and inventory levels may not rebound until the second half of 2023
  • Is there still a car shortage in 2022?

    Is the Car Inventory Shortage Over? In short, no. Asbury Automotive Group, amongst other powerhouse publicly traded dealer groups, anticipates that new inventory levels will continue to remain low in 2022
  • Will car prices drop in 2022?

    Used car prices are already starting to drop as the market cools, having seemingly peaked in early 2022. On the other hand, new vehicle prices are unlikely to drop in 2022 due to persistent inflationary pressures. ?There’s still a lot of inflation bubbling up in the new vehicle supply chain.
  • Will 2022 be a good year to buy a car?

    While soaring used car prices are bad for those who can’t afford a new car, they may mean 2022 is a good time to buy a car for those with a vehicle to trade in. A high trade-in price means added capital that can help reduce the finance share of purchasing a new car.
  • Are new car sales up or down in 2022?

    U.S. auto sales are forecast to finish down 17.3% year over year; Cox Automotive revises its full-year 2022 new-vehicle sales forecast to 14.4 million units, down from 15.3 million.
  • How many new vehicles are waiting for chips?

    Right now, there are close to 100,000 GM vehicles waiting for the chips, and the company says that most of them were built last month. However, the automaker is optimistic it would be able to install the missing systems in a timely manner, but this isn’t necessarily good news for customers in the States.
  • How much will a dealership come down on price on a used car 2022?

    Most dealers ask for 20% more than they pay for a used car, so they normally won’t sell a quality vehicle for more than 20% off the asking price. Start by asking for 15% off of the asking price and then go from there.
  • Is new vehicle inventory improving?

    Inventory has hovered in that range since the start of the year, though supply is far below levels of the past. In 2020, new vehicle inventory at the end of July was 2.55 million units for a days’ supply of 66. At the same time, in pre-pandemic 2019, it was 3.69 million for a days’ supply of 88.
  • How much over MSRP should you pay for a car 2022?

    The average new-vehicle transaction price, a measure for what consumers actually paid, taking incentives into account, is $46,634 in May 2022, an average of $721 above manufacturer’s suggested retail price, according to Edmunds.com.
  • What percent of MSRP should I pay?

    You should expect to pay no more than 5% above the invoice price. If you do, you shouldn’t take the deal and go elsewhere. Car dealers may say they make only 12% on the invoice price from the MSRP, but with the incentives, that number is doubled usually.

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