When lewis and clark expedition?

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the United States expedition to cross the newly acquired western portion of the country after the Louisiana Purchase.
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When lewis and clark expedition? – Frequently asked questions

  • When and where the Lewis and Clark begin and end?

    Expedition from May 14, 1804, to October 16, 1805. Over the duration of the trip, from May 14, 1804, to September 23, 1806, from St. Louis, Missouri, to the Pacific Ocean and back, the Corps of Discovery, as the expedition company was called, traveled nearly 8,000 miles (13,000 km)
  • When did the Lewis and Clark expedition began?

  • When was the Lewis and Clark expedition over?

    By the time Lewis was reunited with Clark, his leg was nearly mended. Reaching St. Louis on September 23, 1806, Clark noted, “We were met by all the village and received a harty welcom.” The corps’ 8,000-mile journey was over.
  • Why did Lewis and Clark go on their expedition?

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804?1806) was a federally funded venture to explore the North American West. The expedition’s principal objective was to survey the Missouri and Columbia rivers, locating routes that would connect the continental interior to the Pacific Ocean.
  • What did Lewis and Clark find out did not exist?

    Instead, they found a daunting range of mountains that took weeks to cross. By the time they arrived at the ocean, Lewis and Clark knew that the Northwest Passage did not exist.
  • How long were Lewis and Clark gone?

    3. How long did the expedition stay here? They were here for 106 days or about 3 ½ months. They arrived here December 7, 1805 and stayed until March 23, 1806 when they started their trip back to the U.S.A.
  • What did Lewis and Clark discover?

    Lewis and Clark’s team mapped uncharted land, rivers, and mountains. They brought back journals filled with details about Native American tribes and scientific notes about plants and animals they’d never seen before. They also brought back stories?tales that made other Americans dream about heading west.
  • How did Lewis and Clark treat the natives?

    They also told the Indians that America owned their land and offered military protection in exchange for peace. Some Indians had met ?white men? before and were friendly and open to trade. Others were wary of Lewis and Clark and their intentions and were openly hostile, though seldom violent.
  • How long did Lewis and Clark stay at the Pacific Ocean?

    During the three months they spent at Fort Clatsop, Lewis and Clark reworked their journals and began preparing the scientific information they had gathered. Clark labored long hours drawing meticulous maps that proved to be among the most valuable fruits of the expedition.
  • How many animals did Lewis and Clark eat?

    Deer (all species combined) 1,001; Elk 375; Bison 227; Antelope 62; Bighorn sheep 35; Bears, grizzly 43; Bears, black 23; Beaver (shot or trapped) 113; Otter 16; Geese and Brant 104; Grouse (all species) 46; Turkeys 9; Plovers 48; Wolves (only one eaten) 18; Indian dogs (purchased and consumed) 190; Horses 12.
  • What did Lewis and Clark drink?

    Lewis and Clark Whiskey on the rocks. This was a ration used to make sure the expedition made it through the ills of the wilderness. Fresh lime, tequila, orange liquor, sweet sour and served on the rocks with salted rim.

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