When to replace sprockets?

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When to replace sprockets? – All you need to know

  • When should chain sprockets be replaced?

    On average, you can expect to replace your chain and sprocket between 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, less if you ride fast and hard. However, if you spot any damage to your chain or sprocket, it’s better to just go and replace the prematurely-worn part right away
  • How do I know if my sprocket is bad?

    This will be seen as a polished worn strip, about the pitch circle diameter, on each of the teeth as shown in the diagram. If the depth of the wear, X, has reached a value equal to 10% of the dimension Y, then the sprocket has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.
  • Should you always replace sprockets with chain?

    Being experts in chain care, we advise replacing both the chain and sprockets at the same time to ensure both peace of mind and optimum performance delivery. It’s true that you don’t need to always replace them at the same time, however in our experience, it’s best to keep it simple and consistent
  • Do sprockets wear out?

    Like a good many products in the power transmission industry, roller chain sprockets will inevitably wear. Sprocket wear is not necessarily a reason for concern. Excessive or rapid wear in any component, on the other hand, is concerning.
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  • How do I increase my chain sprocket life?

    Mostly sprockets are damaged owing to misaligned chains. If you ride an ADV and take it off the road frequently, your chain should always be free from corrosion and well lubricated. Chain tension is super important too so take a look at your instruction manual clearly and adjust the torque.
  • How do you maintain a chain sprocket?

    The chain cleaning and lubrication should be done every 500 to 700kms, depending on the usage. If your bike ends up in the dirt every time you are back from a ride, then you should do it more often at around 500 -600 kms. If you do not off-road, or your roads are comparatively cleaner on the chain set.
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  • Can I put a new chain on old sprockets?

    If funds allow, it’s always best practice to replace both sprockets when replacing your chain. This will allow for the most life possible out of your drive system. The condition of the chain can be assessed by putting the bike on a center stand.
  • What causes sprocket failure?

    Chain wear and stretch will cause grouping and excessive wear to the sprocket, a major cause of whipping. Poor Sprocket Alignment creates heat and may even bend the shafts on the drive system, causing great damage. Poor Pitch Integrity of chain and sprockets also causes premature failure.
  • What is the most common cause of drive chain failure?

    Improper lubrication

    Improper lubrication is the single biggest risk factor behind premature failure in chains, accounting for around 60% of failures.

  • What are the failures in chain drive?

    (1) When fatigue failure of chain plate is under the repeated action of loose side tension and tight side tension, the chain plate will suffer fatigue failure after a certain number of cycles. Under normal lubrication, the fatigue strength of chain plate is the main factor to limit the bearing capacity of chain drive.

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