When to say kiddush levana?

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Although the traditional time to say kiddush levana is after Shabbat, you may say kiddush levana from the third day (three periods of 24 hours) after the molad until 14 days and 18 hours after the molad. Ideal is after seven 24-hour periods. On the evening of a Jewish festival.
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  • What time can I say Kiddush Levana?

    Most poskim maintain that Kiddush Levana may be recited beginning 72 hours after the molad. The common custom is to wait until the first Motzei Shabbos that falls more than 72 hours after the molad.
  • Can you say Kiddush Levana before Tzeis?

    Kiddush Levanah can only be recited after tzies hakachavim.
  • Can you say Kiddush Levana by yourself?

    The Beiur Halacha (426, s.v. Ela) writes that according to the letter of the law, one may recite Kiddush Levana even if one is alone.
  • Can you say Kiddush Levana on Shabbos?

    One should not recite Kiddush Levana on Shabbos because we are concerned that one will carry a siddur outside to a place where there is no eiruv.
  • Can I say Kiddush Levana during the day?

    You may say kiddush levana (blessing on the new moon) only at night, after dark/tzeit ha’kochavim.
  • What is Birkat Halevana?

    What is Birkat Halevana (bless of the moon)? Birkat Halevana ? Blessing the moon (Hebrew: ???? ????? ) is not a black magic. It is actually one of the three essence of Judaism. Upon seeing the moon at the beginning of the month one says a blessing called Birkat HaLevana (for the details and text see below).
  • Is it too late for Kiddush Levana?

    According to the Rama, Kiddush Levana cannot be recited after 14 days, 18 hours and 22 minutes have elapsed from the beginning of the molad.
  • What is the meaning of Rosh Chodesh?

    Rosh Chodesh ? Hebrew for ?head of the month? ? is the monthly holiday that celebrates the arrival of the new moon, marking the start of a new month in the Jewish calendar. Because each lunar month is 29.5 days, the Jewish calendar ?splits the difference?: some months are 29 days and others 30.
  • What is the Rosh Chodesh blessing?

    On the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh, there is a prayer in synagogue called birkat ha-chodesh or the ?Blessing of the New Month.? The prayer consists of both asking God to bless the new month and to fulfill our wishes, and the announcement of the exact time when the new month (the molad) will appear.

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