When was garum made?

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Italian archaeologist Claudio Giardino studies the early roots of garum, the Roman version of fish sauce. He cites mention of garum in Roman literature from the 3rd and 4th century B.C., and remains of factories producing garum even earlier. And here’s the answer you’re looking for. A collection of related questions and answers you may need from time to time.

When was garum made? – All you need to know

  • There’s evidence that sauces made from…

    There’s evidence that sauces made from a combination of fermented fish guts and soy beans were being used as condiments in China as far back as 300BC
  • Pliny the Elder was one of…

    Pliny the Elder was one of the first to define garum ? which he called an ?exquisite liquid? ? as ?a choice liquor consisting of the guts of fish and the other parts that would otherwise be considered refuse.? Today, fermentation guru Sandor Katz describes it as ?a classical Roman name for fermented fish sauce,? one ..
  • Garum – The term is often…

    Garum – The term is often used to describe all Roman fish sauces. It may come from the Greek, gàros. Garum began as an elite food made from fish blood and could be extremely expensive. Pliny said that garum was ‘blended to the colour of old honey wine’ (Walker, 300)
  • Fish sauces were widely used in…

    Fish sauces were widely used in ancient Mediterranean cuisine. The earliest recorded production was between 4th?3rd century BC by the Ancient Greeks, who fermented scraps of fish called garos into one. It is believed to have been made with a lower salt content than modern fish sauces.

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  • Summary: Garum Garum is a fermented fish sauce that was used as a condiment[1] in the cuisines of Phoenicia,[2] ancient Greece, Rome,[3] Carthage and later Byzantium. Liquamen is a similar preparation, and at times they were synonymous. Although garum enjoyed its greatest popularity in the Western Mediterranean and the Roman world, it was earlier used by the Greeks.[4][5] Like modern fermented fish sauce and soy sauce, garum is…
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  • Summary: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Garum Extremely tasty and frequently misunderstood, garum is a fermented fish sauce that traces its origins back to Roman times. Over the course of more than a dozen centuries, it has managed to sustain its influence in the culinary world, even if its preparation method may have changed: Unlike the Romans, today’s garum makers don’t typically use huge quantities of fish…
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  • Summary: Culinary Detectives Try to Recover the Formula for a Deliciously Fishy Roman Condiment Top Spanish chefs have endorsed garum as a fishy sauce with deep roots in Spanish and Roman history. Illustration by Rebecca Bradley Garum has long been considered the dodo of gastronomic history. The fishy sauce was beloved by the ancient Greeks and Romans, but until recently, classicists believed it…
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Garum – Sir Thomas Browne

  • Summary: Garum The fermented fish sauce that the Romans called garum derived from garos (garon), a small but otherwise unknown species of fish originally used by the Greeks from about the fifth-century BC to make a savory condiment of the same name (Pliny, Natural History, XXXI.xliii.93; Isidore of Seville, Etymologies, XX.iii.19). Athenaeus makes the first references to garos in lost plays by Cratinus and Sophocles, but he says no more of…
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  • Summary: Garum: An Ancient Fish Sauce Comes Back to Life Despite being incredibly salty, stinky and made essentially out of rotting fish, garum, the ancient Roman sauce, was the ketchup of its day, a ubiquitous condiment found on every table and in every pantry. Prepared by fermenting whole, brined small fish for multiple months, the amber-colored umami bomb was a major part of…
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  • Summary: Garum: The Ancient Ferment Being Reinvented By Chefs Despite being all the rage in restaurant kitchens across the world today, ferments have been around for millennia. What started as a necessary technique to preserve food for longer is now something most of us enjoy for the flavours it adds to ingredients. And while we’ve heard of fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and miso, garum doesn’t enjoy the same sort of popularity in the home kitchen. However, many of us…
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  • Summary: Garum Romans needing a recharge after a rousing chariot race likely dined on at least one food seasoned with the popular fermented fish sauce known as garum. A roast boar might have been covered in a garum-and-vinegar glaze, while eggs, oysters, and other seafood could be elevated with a sprinkling of the salty sauce. Slaves and laborers made the aromatic fish sauce by chopping…
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  • Summary: Ancient Romans had yummy condiments. Here’s a recipe. We’ve all become used to recipe videos for chocolate-dipped ice cream balls and assorted cheese-drenched confections. But ancient Romans had a surprisingly common recipe of their own. They used it more frequently than salt, and they manufactured it across the Roman Empire. It was called garum — a salty sauce made from fermented fish guts, which they doused every possible meal in. The recipe varied as…
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Fish Sauce in the Ancient World – World History Encyclopedia

  • Summary: Fish Sauce in the Ancient World The production and trade of fish sauce in the ancient world was a significant and widespread industry, stretching from Britain to the Black Sea. Roman fish sauce, known as garum, was one of the most popular and commonly used ingredients in the Roman pantry. Some historians have even argued that fish sauce, common throughout Southeast Asia today,…
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