When was middlemore hospital built?

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Middlemore Hospital is a major public hospital in the suburb of Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand. The hospital has approximately 800 beds. There are 24 operating theatres across two sites.
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When was middlemore hospital built? – Everything you should know

  • How old is Middlemore Hospital?

    Celebrating 75 Years Born from a 300-bed military hospital intended to accommodate injured and sick United States military personnel serving in the Pacific, Middlemore Hospital opened to the public in 1947
  • Why is Middlemore Hospital called Middlemore?

    Named for William Middlemore Thomson, the brother of the original owner of the farm G.L Thomson where the hospital was built, who came over from Scotland to farm the land once his brother passed away. The district would also later be named after William
  • Why was Middlemore Hospital built?

    It was built to accommodate sick and injured servicemen from the war in the Pacific and known as the Otahuhu Military Hospital.
  • What does Middlemore Hospital Specialise in?

    We also provide niche specialist tertiary services for regional and national consumers in orthopaedic and plastic surgery, burns, spinal injury rehabilitation, renal dialysis, and neonatal intensive care
  • How many people work at Middlemore Hospital?

    There are about 6500 people employed at the DHB across Middlemore Hospital, the Manukau Super Clinic and other South Auckland health facilities.
  • What is Ward 8 in Middlemore Hospital?

    Locations of Vascular Surgery Services for patients

    If Ward 9 is full, you may be placed into Ward 8 (located in the Adult Medical Centre) or Ward 34N or 34E (located in the Edmund Hillary Building). Click here to view a wayfinding map of Middlemore Hospital.

  • What DHB is middlemore?

    Middlemore Hospital is the largest facility under the management of CM Health, however they manage multiple other facilities, which include Kidz First Children’s Hospital, the Manukau Surgery Centre, Pukekohe Hospital, Franklin Memorial Hospital, Botany Downs Maternity Unit and Papakura Maternity Unit as well as …
  • What does Te Whatu Ora mean?

    The meaning of Te Whatu Ora

    Te Whatu Ora is ‘the weaving of wellness’. Though there can be other conceptual interpretations of the name, one context for Te Whatu Ora is found in the weaving of culture ? bringing two or more strands together to weave a basket; a basket of life.

  • What are the DHBs called now?

    To begin reforming the health system, the 20 DHBs were disestablished and their functions were merged into Te Whatu Ora, which now leads the day-to-day running of the system for the whole country.
  • What happened to DHBs?

    On Friday, July 1, two brand new entities will be at the helm of our health system. The days of the country’s 20 district health boards will be over. Reforms costing half a billion dollars will see the DHBs replaced by Health NZ and the M?ori Health Authority. The new entities will be based in Wellington.

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