Where did the word wuss originate?

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Where did the word wuss originate? – All you need to know

  • Where did the term wuss come from?

    wuss (n.) 1982, abbreviated from wussy. Mike Damone: “You are a wuss: part wimp, and part pussy” [“Fast Times at Ridgemont High” script, 1982]29 sep
  • What does wuss mean in British?

  • Is wussy a real word?

    adjective, wuss·i·er, wuss·i·est. weak and overly timid or fearful; wimpy: I would try liver mush or any other traditional Southern food in a heartbeat, but a lot of people are too wussy to try anything new. noun, plural wuss·ies.
  • Is wuss an insult?

    Either way, the term is a way of insulting a man by calling him either gay or feminine, and it plays either directly or indirectly off the slang word ‘pussy.20 mei 2011
  • Where did the term wimp come from?

    The most plausible explanation for the origin of wimp is that it comes from whimper (noun or verb), meaning ‘a small sound of pain, fear or sadness’, as in ?The dog whimpered pitifully?.
  • Is wuss a Scrabble word?

    wuss n. (slang) A weak, ineffectual, or timid person.
  • What does wussy boy mean?

    (wo?os) Slang. A person regarded as weak, ineffectual, or overly fearful.
  • What is a baddie?

    Definition of baddie

    informal. : a bad person or thing especially : an opponent of the hero (as in fiction or motion pictures) Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About baddie.

  • Whats the opposite of being a softie?

    The opposite of softhearted is hardhearted or heartless. A hardhearted person might walk right past a lost, crying child, while a softhearted person will probably stop and try to help.

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  • Summary: wuss – Wiktionary English[edit] Etymology[edit] Probably a blend of wimp +‎ puss. Compare later wussy. Pronunciation[edit] IPA(key): /wʊs/ Rhymes: -ʊs Noun[edit] wuss (plural wusses) (slang) A weak, ineffectual, cowardly, or timid person. 1976, Univ. N. Carolina, Chapel Hill, Campus Slang typescript Nov. 6 Come on you wuss, hit a basket..! John’s a wuss. 1982, Cameron Crowe, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, spoken by Mike Damone:You…
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  • Summary: Definition of WUSS \ ˈwu̇s \ variants: or less commonly wussy \ ˈwu̇-​sē \ plural wusses also wussies informal : a weak, cowardly, or ineffectual person : wimp Don’t be such a wuss. acted like a total wuss I am not a wuss; I refuse to be undone by fear.—…
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  • Summary: Wuss word origin wuss etymology English word wuss comes from English puss, English wimp Detailed word origin of wuss Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition puss English (eng) (dated, hunting) A hare.. (informal) A cat.. (vulgar, slang) The vulva (female genitalia).. (vulgar, slang, chiefly, _, North America) A coward; a wuss; someone who is unable to stand up for him- or herself.. A girl or young woman. (slang) The mouth. wimp…
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