Where did tombak originate?

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The tombak is a pre-Islamic drum of the Persian empire. During the Pre-Islamic ages, the tombak was known as the dombalag. Today, the names that the tombak is known by (tonbak, donbak, dombak) are all derived from the term, dombalag.
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Tombak – Wikipedia

  • Summary: Tombak Not to be confused with Tombac. TonbakTombak made in IsfahanPercussionOther namesTombak, TonbakClassification PercussionRelated instruments DafMusicians Hossein Tehrani, Ramin Rahimi The tombak (Persian: تمبک), tonbak (تنبک), or zarb (ضَرب) is an Iranian goblet drum.[1] It is considered the principal percussion instrument of Persian music. The tombak is normally positioned diagonally across the torso while the player uses one or more fingers and/or the…
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  • Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tombak

A Brief History of Tonbak (Zarb) Persian Goblet Drum

  • Summary: A Brief History of Tonbak (Zarb) Persian Goblet DrumKnowing and appreciating the history of the Tonbak may not be essential to being a great tonbak player. For some, it may not even be of interest. But I believe that understanding and being familiar with the history of music and its musicians gives one a broader perspective, and a more comprehensive view of what it means to be a musician. In…
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  • Source: http://www.nasehpour.com/tonbak/history-of-tonbak.html

Tips For Purchasing A Good Tombak – Sala Muzik

  • Summary: Tips For Purchasing A Good Tombak Tombak is an ancient Persian drum. It is also named as Zarb. Although it is a traditional instrument of classical and folkloric Iranian music it also finds ground in modern fusion music. It has a goblet shape and made of wood with a skin membrane. It is not made out of a single wood and has three parts. A thin stand, a large…
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  • Source: https://salamuzik.com/blogs/news/all-about-persian-tombak

tombak – Wiktionary

  • Summary: tombak – Wiktionary English[edit] Etymology 1[edit] From Persian تنبک‎ (tombak). Doublet of dumbek. Alternative forms[edit] tonbak, dombak, donbak Noun[edit] tombak (plural tombaks) (music) A type of goblet drum used heavily in Persian music. Synonyms[edit] zarb Translations[edit] See also[edit] Tonbak on Wikipedia.Wikipedia Etymology 2[edit] From Dutch, from Malay tembaga (“copper”), from Sanskrit ताम्र (tāmra). Entered Dutch usage during colonial period. Doublet of tumbaga. Alternative forms[edit]…
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  • Source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tombak

Tombak – Majid Drums

  • Summary: Tombak – Majid Drums TOMBAK The Tombak, also referred to as Zarb, is a wooden goblet drum, which is the most frequently played percussion instrument in Persian folk music and the classical Persian music of Iran. Contrary to the traditional crafting, the Tombak from Majid Drums is made from different, entirely handpicked woods. Since it is not cut out from a single piece of wood,…
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  • Source: https://majiddrums.com/tombak/?lang=en

Tombak – musical instrument – Indian Idol season 13

  • Summary: Tombak – musical instrument | Indian Idol The Tonbak (also called Zarb, the Persian goblet drum) and the Daf (the Kurdish frame drum) are the only national drums of Persia. Also the presence of goblet drums in Asia, North Africa and East Europe shows the importance of this class of drums. Unfortunately, the origin of the Tonbak is still in dispute. Etymologists say…
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  • Source: https://www.indianidolacadmy.in/musical-instruments/tombak.aspx

Tombak By Jocelyn Lambert. Origins The Tombak is a goblet …

  • Summary: Tombak By Jocelyn Lambert. Origins The Tombak is a goblet drum from Persia, or ancient Iran The actual origin of the Tombak is still in dispute; historians. – ppt download Presentation on theme: “Tombak By Jocelyn Lambert. Origins The Tombak is a goblet drum from Persia, or ancient Iran The actual origin of the Tombak is still in dispute; historians.”— Presentation transcript: 1…
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The Influence of the Drum in the Middle East – Al Fusaic

  • Summary: The Influence of the Drum in the Middle East — Al Fusaic Played by women in ancient Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), this single-headed duff was first noted hanging in a shrine room. However, the first frame version was seen in ancient Egypt c. 1417-1379 BCE usually overlaid with mother-of-pearl, tortoise-shell, or ivory.A jingle arrangement seen as the ancient tambourine, the Riq is an important instrument in…
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  • Source: https://www.alfusaic.net/blog/convene/the-influence-of-the-drum-in-the-middle-east

Where Does the Darbuka Come From? | Gawharet El Fan Blog

  • Summary: Where Does the Darbuka Come From? Origins The Darbuka has been around for millennia. Some have estimated that its origins date back to as far as the Babylonian period. This estimate is likely because hand drums have been an integral part of many cultures and societies, likely since early human history. The Darbuka, a goblet-shaped hand drum, has manifested itself in its current form in the Middle East, North Africa,…
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  • Source: https://gawharetelfan.com/blogs/articles/where-does-the-darbuka-come-from
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