Where is kanopolis lake in kansas?

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Where is kanopolis lake in kansas? – All helpful answers

  • Where is Kanopolis Lake located?

    central Kansas
  • Kansas

  • The 3,400 acres of Kanopolis Lake…

    The 3,400 acres of Kanopolis Lake provide anglers with a wide variety of fishing opportunities. The most sought after species include saugeye, white bass and channel catfish. Crappie, and Wipers, a White Bass/Striped Bass hybrid, are also caught.

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Kanopolis State Park – Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

  • Summary: Kanopolis Kanopolis Alert The lake is at conservation level 1464.85.  Water is back on at all camping sites with utilities.  The water at the dump stations has been turned on.  All shower houses are open.  The Split Boulder trail and part of the Rockin’K trail has been closed for Eagle Nesting.  They will open back up in the summer.  In the Horsethief area, Gate 1 has been re-opened.  Reservations for 2022…
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Kanopolis Lake – Wikipedia

  • Summary: Kanopolis Lake Kanopolis LakeKanopolis LakeKanopolis LakeKDOT map of Ellsworth County (legend)LocationEllsworth County, KansasCoordinates38°37′58″N 97°59′53″W / 38.63278°N 97.99806°WCoordinates: 38°37′58″N 97°59′53″W / 38.63278°N 97.99806°WTypeReservoirPrimary inflowsSmoky Hill RiverPrimary outflowsSmoky Hill RiverCatchment area2,330 sq mi (6,000 km2)Basin countriesUnited StatesManaging agencyU.S. Army Corps of EngineersBuilt1948First floodedFebruary 17, 1948Max. length12 miles (19 km)Surface area3,406 acres (13.78 km2)Max. depth35 ft (11 m)[1]Water volumeFull: 49,474 acre⋅ft (61,025,000 m3)[2]Current (Nov. 2015): 47,080 acre⋅ft (58,070,000 m3)[3]Shore length141 miles (66 km)Surface elevationFull: 1,463 feet (446 m)[2]Current…
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Kanopolis State Park – Wikipedia

  • Summary: Kanopolis State Park Kanopolis State ParkLocation of Kanopolis State Park in Ellsworth County, KansasKanopolis State Park (Kansas)LocationEllsworth, Kansas, United StatesCoordinates38°39′26″N 97°59′59″W / 38.65722°N 97.99972°WCoordinates: 38°39′26″N 97°59′59″W / 38.65722°N 97.99972°WElevation1,506 ft (459 m)[1]Governing bodyKansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Kanopolis State Park contains a reservoir, desert plants such as yucca, a prairie dog town, and scenic sandstone canyons. It is located in the Smoky…
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Kanopolis Lake, Kansas – Recreation.gov

  • Summary: Kanopolis Lake, Kansas – Recreation.gov Us Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas.The nearby Fort Harker Museum at Kanopolis and the Rogers Art Gallery and Museum at Ellsworth portray the settlement of the American West. Kanopolis is also the home of Kansas’ first State park. Early Indian rock carvings on Inscription Rock in Horse Thief Canyon offer an interesting glimpse into the past. Camping and Day UseRiverside (KS)Venango Park Nearby ActivitiesAuto TouringBikingBoatingCampingFishingHikingHistoric & Cultural SiteHorseback RidingHotel/Lodge/Resort Privately OwnedOff Highway VehiclePicnickingPlayground Park…
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Kanopolis State Park, a Kansas State Park located near …

  • Summary: Kanopolis State ParkKanopolis State Park started it all. The first Kansas state park has drawn visitors to eastern Ellsworth County since 1955. Situated in the rolling hills, bluffs and woods of the scenic Smoky Hills region of Kansas, Kanopolis is located 33 miles southwest of Salina.The park features a full-service marina, beaches, picnic areas, and trails for horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. More than 200 primitive campsites and 119 utility sites are located through the…
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Kanopolis State Park, Kansas – Camping & Reservations

  • Summary: Kanopolis State Park, Kansas – Camping & ReservationsKanopolis State Park consists of two primary campground areas (Langley Point Area and Horsethief Area), which are open to a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. The facilities include nearly 450 campsites that range from primitive to full utility hookups, 5 group picnic shelters, six deluxe cabins, modern showers, and restroom facilities, swim beaches, three boat ramps, a full service marina, as…
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Kansas City District – Kanopolis Lake

  • Summary: Kansas City District – Kanopolis Lake Our Mission Deliver vital engineering solutions, in collaboration with our partners, to secure our Nation, energize our economy, and reduce disaster risk. About the Kansas City District Website The official public website of the Kansas City District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. or website corrections, write to [email protected] Plain LanguageAccessibilityContact UsQuality FactsLink DisclaimerPrivacy &…
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Kanopolis State Park – Camping, Hiking & Fishing

  • Summary: Find Cliffs, Canyons, and Caves at Kanopolis State Park 200 Horsethief Rd. Marquette, KS 67464 Split Boulder Trail Length – 2 miles Terrain – Rolling hills Difficulty level – Easy Usage – Hiking, Mountain Biking Trail Season – Year Around Built-in part by an Eagle Scout and Team LATRR, a Mountian bike club out of Lindsborg Kansas. The Split Boulder Trail is a 2-mile beginner or training trail for mountain bikes and a walking trail….
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  • Source: https://www.travelks.com/things-to-do/parks-and-nature/state-parks/kanopolis/

Kanopolis Lake Kansas – 14 km2 – Lakepedia

  • Summary: Kanopolis Lake Kansas – 14 km2Kanopolis Lake is a reservoir in Ellsworth County, in the Smoky Hills of the state of Kansas. It is one of the oldest man-made lakes, built between 1940 and 1948, bordered by the first state-owned park in Kansas, Kanopolis State Park. Kanopolis Lake Stats Lake NameKanopolis LakeCountryUnited StatesSurface area12.570Maximum depth11.0Average depth42.5Lake typeReservoirCatchment area20007.30Altitude447.0Volume0.534InflowsSmoky Hill RiverOutflowsSmoky Hill RiverShore length25.87Residence time466.2Trophic stateeutrophicAverage discharge13.261 ConstructionThe…
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  • Source: https://www.lakepedia.com/lake/kanopolis.html
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