Where should you burp a baby?

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What’s the best position to burp my baby?

  1. Over your shoulder. With your baby’s chin resting on your shoulder, support the head and shoulder area with one hand, and gently rub and pat your baby’s back. …
  2. Sitting on your lap. Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you. …
  3. Lying across your lap.

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Where should you burp a baby? – Most popular questions

  • Where do you hold a baby to burp?

    How to Burp Your Baby
    • Sit upright and hold your baby against your chest. Your baby’s chin should rest on your shoulder as you support the baby with one hand. …
    • Hold your baby sitting up, in your lap or across your knee. …
    • Lay your baby on your lap on his or her belly.
  • If a shoulder burp tends to…

    If a shoulder burp tends to wake the baby up, try a chest burp instead. Placing the baby on the chest can feel more comforting for them than the shoulder, so this position can often allow them to stay asleep after feeding. Gently lift the baby to the chest, putting one hand on their back and one under their buttocks
  • Take heart that when sleepy babies…

    Take heart that when sleepy babies feed, they’re usually so relaxed that they’re less likely to intake extra air. If you find that he isn’t fussy, wiggly, or restless at wake-up time, he may not need to burp each time. In short, it’s okay to put him to sleep without burping

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