Who was the first female astronomer?

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Maria MitchellThe first female astronomer in the United States, Maria Mitchell was also the first American scientist to discover a comet, which brought her international acclaim. Additionally, she was an early advocate for science and math education for girls and the first female astronomy professor. And here’s the answer you’re looking for. A collection of related questions and answers you may need from time to time.

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  • Eight Women Astronomers You Should KnowHypatia….

    Eight Women Astronomers You Should Know
    • Hypatia. The first astronomical female was Urania, the Greek muse of astronomy. …
    • Émilie du Châtelet. Centuries passed before other women studying the sky would make their mark. …
    • Mary Somerville. …
    • Caroline Herschel. …
    • Henrietta Leavitt. …
    • Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin. …
    • Sara Seager. …
    • Andrea Ghez.

    Jan 5, 2022

  • Caroline Herschel

    Caroline Herschel
  • In 1847, she discovered a comet…

    In 1847, she discovered a comet named 1847 VI (modern designation C/1847 T1) that was later known as “Miss Mitchell’s Comet” in her honor….
    Maria Mitchell
    Known for Discovery of C/1847 T1 First female American professional astronomer
    Awards King of Denmark’s Cometary Prize Medal, 1848
    Scientific career
    Fields Astronomy

    8 more rows

  • On February 19, 1473, Nicolaus Copernicus…

    On February 19, 1473, Nicolaus Copernicus is born in Torun, a city in north-central Poland on the Vistula River. The father of modern astronomy, he was the first modern European scientist to propose that Earth and other planets revolve around the sun.

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  • Summary: The First Female AstronomerIn 2009 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) held its general assembly in Rio de Janeiro. Of the 2,109 participants, 667 (or 31.6 percent) were women. Indeed, in recent years, the fraction of women among astronomers has been growing continuously. But who is considered to have been the first female astronomer? Most would agree that this title belongs to Hypatia…
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Maria Mitchell – Wikipedia

  • Summary: Maria Mitchell Maria MitchellMaria Mitchell, painting by H. Dasell, 1852BornAugust 1, 1818Nantucket, Massachusetts, U.S.DiedJune 28, 1889 (aged 70)Lynn, Massachusetts, U.S.Known for Discovery of C/1847 T1 First female American professional astronomer AwardsKing of Denmark’s Cometary Prize Medal, 1848Scientific careerFieldsAstronomyInstitutions Nautical Almanac Office Vassar College Vassar College Observatory Notable studentsMargaretta PalmerSignature Maria Mitchell (/məˈraɪə/;[1] August 1, 1818 – June 28, 1889) was an American astronomer, librarian, naturalist, and educator.[2] In 1847, she discovered a comet named 1847 VI…
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About Maria Mitchell

  • Summary: About Maria Mitchell | Maria Mitchell AssociationMaria Mitchell (pronounced Ma-RYE-ah) was an astronomer, librarian, naturalist, and educator. She discovered a telescopic comet in 1847, for which she was awarded a gold medal by the King of Denmark. Her discovery thrust her into the international spotlight and she became America’s first professional female astronomer. Born to Quaker parents, William and Lydia (Coleman) Mitchell on Nantucket on August 1, 1818, Mitchell was an avid learner. The Quaker tradition taught that both…
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  • Summary: First female astronomer – Ada Lovelace Day Guest post by the Royal Astronomical Society, Platinum Sponsor of Ada Lovelace Day Live 2016. In 2016 the Royal Astronomical Society is marking 100 years since women were first elected as fellows of the Society by publishing a series of articles in Astronomy & Geophysics. In addition to focusing on the work of the handful of women who were admitted to Fellowship…
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How the first woman astronomer Maria Mitchell discovered a …

Maria MITCHELL – Scientific Women

  • Summary: Maria MITCHELL Maria MITCHELL 19th century Fields: Physics, Astronomy Born: 1818 in Nantucket, Massachusetts (USA) Death: 1889 in Lynn, Massachusetts (USA) Main achievements: Discovery of C/1847 T1. First female U.S. professional astronomer. Maria Mitchell was an American astronomer who, in 1847, by using a telescope, discovered a comet which as a result became known as “Miss Mitchell’s Comet”. She won a gold medal prize for her discovery which was presented to…
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America's First Woman Astronomer – JSTOR Daily

  • Summary: America’s First Woman Astronomer On this day in 1818, Maria Mitchell was born. She would become America’s first woman astronomer. Science historian Sally Gregory Kohlstedt describes Mitchell as “well known among her contemporaries as the first woman to win an international medal, the first American woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the first woman member of the American Association for the…
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Maria Mitchell was an American astronomer, first to discover a …

  • Summary: Maria Mitchell was an American astronomer, first to discover a comet In 1847, American astronomer Maria Mitchell became the first American to discover a comet. A librarian by day and an astronomer by night in her father’s observatory in Nantucket, she discovered comet C/1847 T1 – originally known as “Miss Mitchell’s Comet.” She became the first woman in the American Academy of…
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Maria Mitchell | Smithsonian American Women's History

  • Summary: Maria Mitchell | Smithsonian American Women’s History America’s first female astronomer Maria Mitchell (1818–1889) was already famous when she began teaching at Vassar College in 1865. In 1847, she had observed a never-seen-before comet and received a gold medal from the King of Demark, thus becoming one of the first Americans to win any medal for science. Vassar College was the first school offering women resources comparable to those…
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