Why do they call it pashing?

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Pash (pash) / Kiss An indelicate description of kissing passionately, hence the name. Pashing typically leads to two things: pash rash (red marks around the lips caused by excessive kissing), and/or rooting (the crass Australian term for the birds and the bees).
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Why do they call it pashing? – Everything you should know

  • What does Pashing mean?

    to kiss in a sexual way: I was pashing this chick.
  • What is pash in slang?

    pash in American English (pæ?) noun slang. an infatuation for another person; crush. the object of such a passion.
  • What is pash in Australian slang?

    Noun. pash (plural pashes) (Australia, New Zealand) A passionate kiss. quotations ? A romantic infatuation; a crush.
  • Is a pash a kiss?

    Pash. Third-person singular simple present: pashes; present participle: pashing; simple past and past participle: pashed. Australia, New Zealand slang: To passionately kiss. Though it seems reasonable to assume that it derives from that adverb, its origins are opaque
  • Is Pash a real word?

    Yes, pash is in the scrabble dictionary.
  • Why do Aussies say taxi?

    ”Taxi!!! ” If someone drops a glass or falls over in a bar, locals yell taxi. This means that it’s probably time to go home, this is usually just a joke.
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  • What do Australians call a kiss?

    Pash (pash) / Kiss

    An indelicate description of kissing passionately, hence the name. Pashing typically leads to two things: pash rash (red marks around the lips caused by excessive kissing), and/or rooting (the crass Australian term for the birds and the bees).

  • Is Pash painful?

    A? PASH lesion shouldn’t cause you any pain or discomfort, but might if they become too large.
  • What do Aussies call McDonalds?

    Here in Australia, however, McDonald’s most prevalent nickname is ?Macca’s?. A recent branding survey commissioned by McDonald’s Australia found that 55 per cent of Australians refer to the company by its local slang name.
  • What do Aussies call police?

    Emergency?police, fire or ambulance

    Call Triple Zero (000) for urgent assistance from police, ambulance or fire brigade. This is a free call from any phone in Australia. You should call 000 in a life threatening or time critical emergency.

  • Should you have PASH removed?

    Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH) of the breast is a benign mesenchymal lesion with incidental histologic findings. Surgical excision is recommended as the treatment of choice for PASH, although the recurrence rates after excision range from 15% to 22%.
  • Should PASH be removed?

    PASH is a benign breast condition that can present as either an abnormality on imaging or a palpable mass. Unless the lesion is suspicious or a patient has symptoms, a diagnosis of PASH on needle biopsy does not necessitate surgical removal.
  • How rare is PASH breast?

    While PASH is uncommon overall with fewer than 1,500 cases documented in the literature, it can also be found incidentally at biopsy for other breast lesions with a reported incidence of 23% (3,4) (Table 1).

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  • Summary: pash – Wiktionary English[edit] Pronunciation[edit] IPA(key): /pæʃ/ Rhymes: -æʃ Etymology 1[edit] Clipping of passion. Verb[edit] pash (third-person singular simple present pashes, present participle pashing, simple past and past participle pashed) (Australia, New Zealand, slang) To snog, to make out, to kiss. 2003, Andrew Daddo, You’re Dropped!, →ISBN, unnumbered page, ‘You gonna pash her?’ ‘We only just started going together,’ I said. Pash her? Already? I hadn’t even…
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  • Summary: pash — definition, examples, related words and more at Wordnik Definitions from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. noun A romantic infatuation. from The Century Dictionary. To strike violently; dash; smash. noun A violent smashing blow. noun The head; the face; the brains. from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English. transitive verb obsolete To strike; to crush; to smash;…
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