Why instagram save photos?

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Why instagram save photos? – All helpful answers

  • How do you stop Instagram saving photos?

    Remember, if you take your photos with your native camera app of your phone and share by Instagram, the original photo is always in your camera roll. If you turn off Save posted photos and Save posted videos: photos and videos you post on Instagram will not be saved on your Android devices camera roll
  • Why is Instagram saving the photos I post?

    The Instagram app now gives you the option to automatically save down your Instagram imagery. Hit the blue toggle to “Save Original Photos/Posts.” Now that this option is turned on, every photo you post on Instagram will also be saved to your phone’s photo library
  • Does Instagram automatically save pictures?

    For Android users, they need to click on Account > Original Posts. Inside Original Posts section, click on the Save Posted Photos toggle and turn it on. For iPhone users, toggle on Save Original Photos. With these options turned on, every photo that you post on Instagram will also be saved to the phone’s library
  • Why are my Instagram photos not saving in my gallery?

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    Only you can see the posts you’ve saved. When you save someone’s post, they’re not able to tell that you’ve saved it.
  • Can anyone see saved posts on Instagram?

    All you have to do is tap the new Bookmark button that appears under posts in your feed (see the example below), and those photos will be saved to a private new tab on your profile, according to Instagram. And, yes, the photos you save are only visible to you. That’s it — it’s that simple.
  • Can you save other people’s Instagram photos?

    Head to your profile tab, then tap on the ellipsis (…) icon (on Android) or cog (iOS) to view all of Instagram’s options. Select “Story Settings” from this list, then toggle off “Save to Archive” under the Saving section. It works the same way on Android as it does for iOS.
  • How do I stop Instagram from automatically saving stories?

    Instagram allows each user to save their Stories posts to a private Archive within the photo- and video-sharing application. This Archive allows users to view their past Stories posts after they’ve expired from public view.
  • Why does Instagram save my stories?

    Stories you create and share on Instagram are automatically saved in your Stories Archive, so there’s no need to save them to your phone. You can turn off Stories Archive at any time in Settings. Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings.

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