Why is proctorio not working?

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This usually happens if the Proctorio Extension is not installed correctly. Please install the Proctorio Extension. If you are getting this error, but already have the extension installed, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension.
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Why is proctorio not working? – Frequently asked questions

  • Why is Proctorio extension not working?

    In the event the extension does not appear to be working correctly, follow these steps: Reboot your computer. Ensure Chrome is updated. Remove the Proctorio extension by right-clicking on the Proctorio shield in Chrome and choosing “Remove from Chrome…”
  • Why is my computer blocking Proctorio?

    Your Antivirus may be blocking Proctorio Antivirus programs can block Proctorio. They pick up the software as unsafe and unknown and block it without asking. If you have an antivirus such as Norton Security, McAfee or Symantec, this is likely the cause of your problem. Just pause it when attempting a quiz.
  • How do I enable Proctorio in Chrome?

    To get Chrome on your computer and install the extension see the Get Proctorio web site. Once you have the extension installed, open your Canvas course, click settings, then click the Navigation tab at the top, then drag the “Secure Exam Proctoring” to the enabled list of applications.
  • How do I know if Proctorio is working?

    Make sure you are using the Chrome browser. Check to see that the Proctorio extension shield is dark grey. If it is light grey, it means the extension has not activated. If it has not activated, give it a few more seconds to see if it darkens
  • Is Proctorio down right now?

    All systems are now fully operational. A fix has been implemented for interruptions in Olark live chat. Unplanned interruptions in our live chat service. Please email [email protected]
  • Why has Proctorio been disabled in Chrome?

    Chrome has a permission system for its extensions that requires Chrome to declare the permissions they to read and manage data. You can disable this setting once the exam is over, but you will need to re-enable it the next time you take an exam with Proctorio.
  • Does Proctorio tell you when you’re flagged?

    Yes. Proctorio may flag notification or any activity that the test administrator has prohibited.
  • What browsers does Proctorio use?

    You must use the Google Chrome web browser and the Proctorio Extension.
  • How do you fix this item has been disabled in Chrome?

    1) First, try to enable Honorlock by clicking “enable this item” in the pop-up within Chrome. 3) From there, you’ll select to Remove any extensions you think could be interfering with Honorlock. You can also toggle them off if that’s preferred instead of removing.
  • What does Proctorio flag as suspicious?

    There is not an individual watching live. Suspicious behavior is flagged in a report for faculty review. For example, the system has the capability to note to the instructor if other people are in the room, if a phone is used, or if the student is consistently looking down into their lap.
  • Why is Chrome disabling my extensions?

    If you see a message saying “Extensions Disabled,” it’s because Chrome has turned off one or more of your extensions to keep your data safe while you’re browsing the Internet. The extensions that Chrome turned off either didn’t come from the Chrome Web Store or were determined unsafe.

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