Why use flashback arrestors?

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Flashback arrestors are also known as Flash arrestor. It is a gas safety device. It is a device used in welding and cutting to stop the reverse flow of gas as well as flash back into the supplier’s line. This device protects the user and the equipment from any damage or from getting the gas cylinder exploded.
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Why use flashback arrestors? – Frequently asked questions

  • Why do you need a flashback arrestor?

    A flashback arrestor or flash arrestor is a gas safety device most commonly used in oxy-fuel welding and cutting to stop the flame or reverse flow of gas back up into the equipment or supply line. It protects the user and equipment from damage or explosions.
  • What is a flashback arrestor designed for?

    A flashback arrestor is designed to contain a flashback and prevent it from penetrating into upstream equipment (i.e. hoses, regulators and gas cylinders). Flashback arrestors both quench the flame and close off the gas supply.
  • Which cylinders must use flashback arrestors?

    7. What gases require flashback arrestors? There is potential for flashback to occur with any oxy-fuel system, whether you use oxy-acetylene or oxy-LPG (oxy-propane). The flashback can occur on either the oxy or the fuel gas line, which is why FBAs should be fitted to each gas line.
  • What is the difference between a reverse flow valve and a flashback arrestor?

    Reverse Flow Check Valves: Helps to prevent the reverse flow of gases from traveling past the check valve. Flashback Arrestors: Prevents a flame from traveling past the flashback arrestor in the event of a flashback.
  • Where should flashback arrestors be placed?

    Where should a flashback arrestor or reverse flow-check valve be placed? NS legislation requires a flashback arrestor to be located ?between the torch and the fuel gas and oxygen supply?.
  • Does OSHA require flashback arrestors?

    4. Why aren’t flashback arrestors required by law or in the U. S., OSHA safety regulation? Answer: OSHA has cited employers for failure to use flashback arrestors under the broad federal regulation 29 CFR 1910.252, failure to recognize the responsibility to provide for the safe use of gas cutting and welding equipment.
  • Do propane tanks need flashback arrestors?

    Please note that Flashback arrestors are not needed when propane or butane is used with air.
  • How many flashback arrestors do I need?

    A backflow device will not always stop a flashback from reaching the hoses, regulator and cylinders. For this reason, a flashback arrestor is the safest and preferred method of protection. There must be two arrestors or backflow devices. One on the fuel line and one on the oxygen line.
  • Do flashback arrestors go at torch or regulator?

    To prevent flashbacks, flashback arrestors must be installed on the outlets of both regulators, and/or torch inlets.

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