Will clementine's story continue?

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  • Will there be more Clementine books?

    CLEMENTINE RETURNS! TILLIE WALDEN’S CLEMENTINE BOOK TWO TO BE RELEASED OCTOBER 2023 BY SKYBOUND COMET. Praise for Clementine Book One: ?Walden’s knack for character development and unique perspective result in a tale perfect for diehard fans of The Walking Dead, as well as newcomers.?22 jun
  • Is The Walking Dead game series over?

    While the series was primarily developed and published by Telltale Games under license from Skybound, the studio effectively shuttered in late 2018 in the midst of the fourth main series, The Final Season.
  • Will Clementine be in The Walking Dead show?

    Her first appearance is in the first episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead series, titled ‘A New Day’. In this episode, the player controls the protagonist, Lee Everett, as he stumbles into Clementine’s garden while trying to escape from a group of zombies.15 jun
  • How old is Clementine in the final season?

    It’s not canon, and Skybound and Tillie can pretend that it is, but it’s not. Bold of them to assume we’d just accept this from people who didn’t work on the original games and never wrote for Clementine before, and based on this comic alone, any chance of us taking it seriously is gone.
  • Is the Clementine comic canon?

    It is standalone from the other seasons of the game. You have to purchase it seperately. The story is not connected to the other seasons, either.
  • Is The Walking Dead Michonne connected?

    Today at Comic Con, Kevin Bruner stated that in Clementine’s backstory, one of her parents are African-American and one of her parents are Asian.
  • What race is Clementine?

    To stop Clementine from eating the human meat, enter the room and choose the prompt ‘DON’T EAT THAT! ‘. Claiming that the meat is people will only get a jokey response from the group, and Clementine will eat the meat. Let the rest of the group know about what you found upstairs.
  • What race is Clementine?

    If traveling alone with AJ her finger is broken in a car door and she is forced to amputate it. No matter what the player chooses she will eventually end up tending for AJ alone.
  • How did Clem lose a finger?

    Clementine found Victor at the end of the episode and demanded that he tell her where Christa is, but he wasn’t able to answer due to being injured and dehydrated, leaving Christa’s fate uncertain. If she did survive, she and Clementine never reunited.
  • What race is Clementine?

    the only way to save her leg is to let her die.
  • What race is Clementine?

    The more he walked around, the longer the bite had to spread it’s infection and reach his blood. Further, her bite looked less deep than his. It’s possible it was less severe and that’s why she was able to survive.

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