Will long hair cause headaches?

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Relationship Between Your Hair and Your Migraines Some people with very long, thick hair might experience headache pain due to its simple weight, especially after showering or swimming. The key is to distribute the weight of your hair and minimize pulling on any one part of your scalp. FAQGuide compiled the material of this post from a variety of credible information sources, including Reddit, Quora, and Google. Instead of hunting for answers on Reddit or Quora, you can find all you need in this post.

Will long hair cause headaches? – All you need to know

  • How you wear your hair can…

    How you wear your hair can take a toll on your head. A too-tight ponytail may strain the connective tissue in the scalp, leading to a hairdo headache. Headbands, braids, and tight-fitting hats can do that, too. If this is the cause of your headache, you’ll usually get fast relief if you let your hair down
  • Unfortunately, hair cracking, hair pulling, or…

    Unfortunately, hair cracking, hair pulling, or scalp popping are not effective or healthy ways to relieve headache pain.

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